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A nasty story about the Soviet debt

A newspaper article was recently published that attacks Czech ex-president Klaus and claims that he has secretly lent a billion dollars to the Soviet Union in late 1989 – and the current president Zeman arguably completed the sin by forgiving the debt later.

The statement by the Václav Klaus Institute below demonstrates why the article is a collection of many independent insulting lies. If the Belorusian passenger has committed just 20% of what these Czech pseudo-journalistic aßholes have done, I would have quite some understanding for the special maneuvers needed to remove this writer from the aircraft. Some people are just amazing scum. Their goal isn't just to spread lies about individuals; they want to cripple the society as a whole. And the readers who take this junk seriously must be incredible morons. Even if the statements were right, well, we were still allies of the Soviet Union in late 1989 – and Moscow was transforming itself in a way that was not so far from our transformation. It would still be completely crazy to interpret the events from the perspective of some contemporaries' unhinged Russophobia.

IVK demands a public apology to Václav Klaus from Hospodářské noviny [a WSJ-like economics-focused Czech daily]

automatically translated by the incredible

Mr. Editor-in-Chief Mašek,

On Tuesday, 25 May 2021, your newspaper, along with other media outlets of your parent publishing house Economia, launched a targeted campaign of disparagement against President Václav Klaus by printing a lengthy front-page article with the incredible headline "Klaus secretly sent billions to the Soviets after the revolution". It claims, allegedly on the basis of archival material, that the then first post-communist Czechoslovak finance minister secretly sent USD 1.3 billion to the USSR after the revolution, and that this plan was hatched in 1989 by a clerk at the Federal Ministry of Finance (!!!), a certain Zdeněk Rachač, allegedly an StB agent, who was supposedly Klaus's advisor. You have therefore attempted to impose on the reader the view that Václav Klaus was from the beginning a participant in some kind of communist conspiracy and from his first days in office he was consciously and conspiratorially damaging our country.

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Leftist groups and symbiosis of unattractive radicals and moderate hedonists

TOP 09 is a small Czech political party (which would probably earn below 5% in the coming elections – but it will get to the Parliament through a larger coalition "SPOLU" [together] that it has joined) which is my country's counterpart of the CDU in Germany: an entity pretending to be conservative which has become a hotbed of the most insane "progressive" (and globalist, multicultural, Russophobic...) far left ideology. The leftists who want to preserve some conservative image often pick TOP 09 as their party. It was formed in 2009 when it separated from KDU-ČSL (the acronym KDU means the same as CDU, ČSL is the Czechoslovak People's Party), a much older party.

It was initially founded by Miroslav Kalousek, a skillful and talented polemicist in the Parliament who later served as a Czech minister of finance and got many awards, and I think that rightfully so. His most important buddy was "Prince" Karl Schwarzenberg, an old repeatedly sleeping Austrian aristocrat who has always emphasized his proximity to the Czech ex-president Václav Havel and who has once served as the minister of foreign affairs.

These two dudes were gradually drifting towards the extreme left, perhaps analogously to Angela Merkel and many others, but the newer generation of leaders such as Ms Markéta Adamová-Pekarová, the current chairwoman, are no longer pretending to have some real relationships with genuinely conservative values any longer. She is (and others are) a copy of the Communist Youth organizations before 1989. But the picture above is that of Dominik Feri, a special case.

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A very popular minister is ordered to return

Since the beginning of 1993 when Czechia and Slovakia parted their ways, Czechia has had 23 ministers of health. (I have personally talked to 2 of them, Macek and Špidla.) The average one has apparently survived for 28.5 / 23 = 1.24 years. That's a quickly rotating job, indeed. The Covid-19 situation has already led to the firing of 4 ministers of health: Adam Vojtěch, Roman Prymula, Jan Blatný, and Petr Arenberger.

Vojtěch, a contestant in the CZ American Idol in 2005 (nicknamed "Ken" from "Ken and Barbie" there), was singing on TV again in October 2020. Isn't he a stellar singer? How many ministers of your country could sing this well?

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Edwin's understanding of QM: Part IIIa, the principles, Section 1

A mail from Edwin Steiner

Luboš, I finally finished the first part of episode 3 of my QM series. Here's the link.

Episode 3 presents the principles of QM and this first half is about the representation of knowledge by vectors in Hibert space. Operators and their algebra will be the content of the second half. Initially, I had the plan to start with operators right away, as I'm sure we agree that they are the best focus point for a mature understanding of QM. I even recorded a first version of the video doing that but I found it to be pedagogically unsatisfactory due to an excess of forward references, etc..

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Sleeping Beauty wakes to a cold April

In 2021, Czechia experienced the coldest April since 1997. Around April 20th, the ranking was expected to be even more extreme but the end of the month just wasn't extreme enough. Surprisingly enough, the precipitation was well below the normal (60% of normal at "most" places) but the middle of May – when the rain in a few days was enough for 2 months – overcompensated that (see some dramatic scenes from Úslava, normally the smallest of the 4 rivers of Pilsen).

In the past, Sleeping Beauty (pictured in her Neuschwanstein am Disneyland des Plagiarism) was discussed on this blog as a key character to explain an elementary misunderstanding of the probabilistic calculus – that seems impossibly hard even for some theoretical physics PhDs.

Innumeracy of public health officials

Due to the utterly sensible, relaxed approach of the common folks, Czechia has had the highest number of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in the whole world. The graph of new positive PCR tests per day looks like this:

Click the picture to zoom in (source). A nicely natural function, right? On the left side, you see a slight elevation which we considered the first (Spring 2020) wave (no excess of deaths existed at that time). The real Covid epidemics only started in October 2020 or so and this main wave has been composed of 3 subwaves. At least the last one exists mainly due to the new variants of the virus (especially one having a higher R0; but also a variant partly circumventing the previous immunity).

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The seemingly infinite volume of \({\mathrm{PSL}}(2,\RR)\) is \(-2 \pi^2\)

And you need just a few short steps to calculate the D-brane tensions from that fact

The today's most joyful hep-th abstract was written by two names that didn't click with me (Eberhardt, Pal; their publication records initiated around 2017 seem impressive) but their affiliation did, the IAS at Princeton (that's a place where Einstein has worked for 1/2 of his career). It's an appropriate place for the authors to work because I am really happy about the paper which is titled simply

The Disk Partition Function in String Theory
and it discusses a theme that I found cool since the high school: many seemingly infinite expressions must actually be assigned finite values. The most famous example is the sum of positive integers\[ 1+2+3+4+5+ \dots = -\frac{1}{12}. \] This identity is important enough in string theory, including the (natural, bureaucracy-free) calculation of the critical spacetime dimension. I've played with some generalizations before I started to submit some serious papers. You may also check a recursive evaluation of zeta of negative integers.

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Thirst for dividends and financial illiteracy

I simply had to use the word "thirsty" today for this reason.

My country restarted the capitalist system over 3 decades ago, and it's had centuries of experience with it before 1948. Western countries (in the Cold War sense) have lived in the uninterrupted capitalism for centuries. Nevertheless, it seems to me that only a tiny fraction of my nation – and Western nations – understands totally basic concepts of capitalism such as "the rational reasoning needed to figure out how much you should pay for a stock".

OK, one extreme level of this financial illiteracy is the people's "investment" in stuff like the Bitcoin or Tesla, things that obviously don't have the intrinsic value matching the price – they have no chance to repay the invested money. The people buying into these bubbles resemble a cult. They probably realize that the Bitcoin or the Tesla stock can never pay those $5,000 or $60 per stock in dividends which would justify the valuations. And they don't seem to care because they apparently think that just like sex according to the hardcore feminists, the price is a purely social construct. These "investors" don't have any method to estimate the fair fundamental value. All of them are "momentum traders" – i.e. bad investors – and growing and bursting bubbles is the only thing they can achieve.

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EO: Covid-19 tests are sterilized by a major carcinogen

I don't really believe that any of the widespread tests or vaccines are filling the victims with chips or some truly novel timebombs for their health. But I have always found it wise to be worried about carcinogens in various unusual health gadgets.

And a video I just received (Rumble) has explained that the tampons in the Covid-19 tests are labeled "SterileEO". It means sterilized – stripped of the bacteria – using ethylene oxide (a method that has been used for medical supplies for years before Covid-19, of course). Many people that the dude in the video knows have died of things like brain hemorrhage and other things.

EO is isomeric with acetaldehyde and with vinyl alcohol.

"Ethylene oxide itself is a very hazardous substance. At room temperature it is a flammable, carcinogenic, mutagenic, irritating, and anaesthetic gas," Wikipedia adds.

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Pump and dump, manipulation

Wizard asked how did I reckon before Elon Musk is sent to jail. Well, I got already used to the fact that increasingly stunning examples of market manipulation are tolerated and I believe that it will get even worse – but it will stop at one future sunny day, anyway.

A comparison of BIG 5 electric SUVs released 2 days ago. Regardless of the price, Škoda Enyaq beats others in pretty much every respect, especially by its range which renders competitors obsolete. On top of that, it is 30% cheaper. Tesla Model Y may at most match the Enyaq but the price is 50% higher than the Enyaq, too.

In March, I discussed fake growth stocks and investments that weren't real investments, like the Cathie Wood ARK Innovation ETF Fund. It is a fund where the financially illiterate "guru" picks the "best" stocks – in particular, stocks of nearly worthless companies that are overpriced by a factor of 10+ and by promoting them (she has useful idiot friends in the media), she makes them overpriced by a factor of 100+ if not 1000+. By growing these bubbles around nearly worthless companies, she has been reporting impressive yields.

Manipulators like that often buy before others, and sell before others, and that is called the pump and dump securities fraud. Well, there are signs that she is forgetting to sell. If you click at the previous paragraph, you will see that the ARKK fund's price went from the peak $159.70 to the current $99.48, a 38% drop in 3 months. Compare it with the general stock indices that are at most 2% below the all time highs and even Nasdaq that is some 7-8% below the all time highs. Has the bubble burst?

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European energy prices will go to the Moon

Notoriously enough, Austria organized its nuclear energy referendum in 1978. 50.5% voted against the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant plans and Austria became a hysterically anti-nuclear country, a fact that has often complicated the life of Czechs whose majority loves Austrians. This was an example of a referendum that should have been rigged by the sane people. The tiny edge of the Luddites has had far-reaching, long-term consequences.

Isar Zwo in Bavaria which we visited (as students) in 1992.

Germany remained nuclear (although not as much as France which makes 70% of its energy from the nuclei, and it used to be 80%) up to this nation's hysterical reaction to the 2011 tsunami-inspired glitches in Fukushima. Germans decided to obediently agree with their leaders' decision to ban nuclear physics in Germany. No \({\rm MeV}\)s allowed there; applied nuclear physics was rebranded to just another pseudoscience promoted by the groups that the Germans have the "right" to bully. Well, the moment when the last power plants should be stopped is coming closer.

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Mathematics, quantitative attitude distinguishes the human civilization from animals

People have replaced Nature's random "trial and error" method with something a bit more pre-planned, and calculations are needed for those civilized plans

Mr Huml (from the Ice Age) was explaining to Mr Mach that it was a cold age and people had a lot of cold. They often caught a mammoth and ate it with a dill+cream sauce.

In the text about the limits of the ancient Greek "science" and "technology", a commenter named giant claimed to argue that one didn't need any science in the modern sense – founded by Galileo – because one may mention a counterexample, namely bronze. He added:

Somehow people figured out how to make an alloy, without understanding atoms, crystalline structure, temperatures, no chemistry at all.
Cute. Indeed, people could make bronze without any of these sciences. But that's because "making bronze" isn't scientifically difficult – surely not to an extent that would be comparable to the science that is needed to build and/or optimize a steam engine (with a gearbox).

What is bronze? It's an alloy composed of (mostly) copper and also some other metal, typically tin (12-12.5%). However, the percentage is this precise because the Wikipedia editors added this number long after the Bronze Age. ;-) That's a percentage where the alloy holds together. In the Bronze Age, not only the folks didn't know about the 12-12.5% interval. In fact, the tin was often not tin at all. Bronze may also be a copper alloy with aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc; or arsenic, phosphorus, or silicon. And these other materials were indeed mixed with copper during the Bronze Age (arsenic was actually common there).

Lawrence Krauss vs Biden's woke science administrator

...and the National Academy of Sciences...

A picture from the article we discuss. You may click to have an idea about the woke people's discussions on Twitter.

Tom W. has sent me a link to this essay by cosmologist Lawrence Krauss (a noted atheist activist and one of the people who saw the light about the looming discovery of the cosmological constant before it was seen in the 1990s, among other things) in the Wall Street Journal:

The New Scientific Method: Identity Politics (the paywall is just partial)
While Krauss has looked like another left-wing scientist-activist for decades and the WSJ is a RINO daily, I think, this almost sounds like a sane person's or rightwinger's alarm. Krauss points out that much of the funding ($7 billion) for physical sciences comes from the Department of Energy. He complains both about the Biden Administration and the National Academy of Sciences because they seem to be in the process of politicizing and ruining science – I would add, along the lines of the Aryan Physics in Nazi Germany and Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union. Unlike Krauss' insights about the cosmological constant, this observation didn't exactly come "in time"! ;-)

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California plans to torture kids who are great in maths

First, The Rebel News, the most important Canadian independent news agency, was banned at PayPal with no stated legitimate reason. At least, they can withdraw the remaining funds. But they couldn't even use PayPal to buy food – they need to investigate whether maple leafs are edible, among other things.

The far left terrorists who are behind this terrorist act need to be caught and executed (The Rebel News plan a lawsuit but sadly, the death penalty was abolished in 1976 in Canada) and if people like co-founders of PayPal Musk and Thiel fail to do something against similar terror perpetrated by their corporate child, they need to spend the rest of their lives in jail, too. I am so unbelievably disappointed by all these men.

Meanwhile, mathematically gifted kids are the main enemy in California's government agencies.

A super-idiotic revolutionary manifesto that has hundreds of pages (maybe we are talking about this truly juicy anti-white racist 83-page rant, thanks, Bill, maybe there is another one) was released by the California Health Department and is apparently being embraced by the California's Department of Education (but the stuff hasn't been completely approved yet). Words are no longer enough, the authors claim. We must act and erase the inequality by holding back all kids who are better in mathematics than others. All instruction must proceed according to the weakest student in the class because the far left sick animals "reject ideas of natural gifts and talents". In that state and others, it's not only tolerated but fashionable to "reject" even the most obvious facts about the real world. According to the plan, the smart kids must be made unable to work on their mathematical talent, at least up to their 18th birthday. Wow.

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Wormholes in general phase spaces

Herman Verlinde (Princeton) has released two new papers about one topic

Wormholes in Quantum Mechanics
Deconstructing the Wormhole: Factorization, Entanglement and Decoherence
He has studied general enough quantum mechanical systems – including simple enough ones such as a coupled harmonic oscillator – using the path integral. The path integral sums over all histories which are curves on the phase space (OK, he picks the phase space path integral; I don't exactly know why).

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100 marbles and a doubling, a puzzle

One hundred marbles numbered 1 through 100 are in a bowl. The marbles are drawn one at a time without replacement. How many marbles must be drawn to be sure that one of the selected numbers is exactly twice as large as another selected number?
I received this problem via WhatsApp. If someone has given a home office problem to her students and they're cheating, then I am sorry but this remote learning is guaranteed to lead to a similar cheating and it's not my fault (and I have fought against the Covid-19 hysteria, lockdowns, home offices, and shutdowns as much as I could). Moreover, you don't know whether my solution is right.

Divide the marbles (numbers 1-100) to the smallest classes in which the potential collision (of a number with its double) may occur. Each class contains all the numbers\[ \{ k\cdot 2^M, \quad M\in\ZZ \} \] for some \(k\in \ZZ\), \(1\leq k\leq 100\). So one of the classes is \(\{1,2,4,8,16,32,64\}\), another class is \(\{3,6,12,24,48,96\}\), and so on. If you want to pick a maximum number of marbles so that the "collision with a doubled value" doesn't occur, these classes may be treated independently.

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Reorganizing a 4D S-matrix within a celestial CFT

For a couple of years, Andy Strominger and his so far lesser but not last collaborators have been immensely excited about the celestial sphere.

It's not hard to see why. As you can see, the celestial sphere (in the sky) is blue and has pretty stars in it.

Strominger et al. have studied the encoding of black hole information as seen on that sphere, scattering, hair, new conservation laws, and other related things. Note that if you imagine that we live in a 3+1-dimensional spacetime for a while, what we see at night (at one moment) is a two-sphere, \(S^2\), of possible directions. Each point on this \(S^2\) is actually a line in the 4D Minkowski space which goes to infinity. That's why there is no natural finite "length scale" defined on this \(S^2\). However, you may measure angles. After all, this \(S^2\) is conformally equivalent to a complex plane and the angle-preserving, conformal \(SL(2,\CC)\) transformations of this plane (or sphere) are equivalent to the \(SO(3,1)\) Lorentz group that transforms the Minkowski space.

James Bond 007 goes from Prague to Moscow

Today, Czechia is shocked or amused by a new scandal. As you must have heard, the Czech intelligence services have claimed that it was very likely that a 2014 ammo depot blast in Eastern Czechia (in Vrbětice) was caused by Russian agents – in fact, by the same Petrov and Bashirov who have also allegedly prepared novichok for Mr Skripal later, in 2018. The accusations have led to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Prague and the reciprocal expulsion of Czech diplomats from Moscow, aside from related new hostilities between countries whose relationships were decent in recent years.

However, (, a news server connected to, a Google-killing Czech search engine, has published an incredible twist hours ago. Mr Janek Kroupa and Ms Kristina Ciroková are signed under the report. While I consider to be one of the neo-Marxist cesspools of the Czech journalism (fortunately they are a minority here, but not a small minority), Janek Kroupa is a highly nontrivial investigative journalist. I am pretty sure that it is fair to count him among the top 5 active investigate journalists in Czechia. I remember his interview with the most relevant witness (from Pilsen) who testified that Mr Jiří Kajínek, Czech women's most beloved killer (who has managed to escape from many prisons), has indeed killed an entrepreneur and threatened some witnesses. Kroupa (along with Ms Sabina Slonková, a redhead) has also revealed amazing stories about the trip of PM's son Andrej Babiš Jr (who is at least officially psychiatrically handicapped) from Switzerland to Crimea. Although he is really standing on a wrong side of many political battles, Kroupa's purely professional ability to find the relevant witnesses and the data from them seems extraordinary to me.

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Science that systematically produces progress only began in Galileo's time

Let me add a few words about the inability of the ancient Greeks and Romans to start the industrial revolution – a fact that is obvious but it is deliberately obfuscated by various retarded (in 2021) warriors against slavery.

These ancient civilizations and their thinkers-in-chief were really great and the seeds of many scientific disciplines were created by the ancient thinkers. I have surely often called their activity "science" a few times, too. However, one must understand that it wasn't a "full-blown science" that really works. The scientific method was introduced by Galileo Galilei (1564-1642).

The world is controlled by the cosmic manager and lawyer

Guest blog by Prof Dr Maria LePen-Sklo-Kaczynski

I am an ingenious intersectional lady. For my whole life, since I was 3 years old, I was working on a theory of everything. And I have just completed it. It seems necessary to quickly publish it because I've heard about some Italian competition that also claims to complete the theory.

In fact, mine isn't just a theory of everything. It is the grandmother of all theories of everything from which all other theories of everything gradually arise. The magic trick is the theories' friendly multicultural cooperation with the other theories and their complete equality. The individual theories are increasingly holistic and intersectional and their grandmother makes them ever more progressive.

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