Monday, May 24, 2021

Edwin's understanding of QM: Part IIIa, the principles, Section 1

A mail from Edwin Steiner

Luboš, I finally finished the first part of episode 3 of my QM series. Here's the link.

Episode 3 presents the principles of QM and this first half is about the representation of knowledge by vectors in Hibert space. Operators and their algebra will be the content of the second half. Initially, I had the plan to start with operators right away, as I'm sure we agree that they are the best focus point for a mature understanding of QM. I even recorded a first version of the video doing that but I found it to be pedagogically unsatisfactory due to an excess of forward references, etc..

For some of the more provocative statements in the video I provide more nuanced arguments in the accompanying notes: A Github PDF URL.

For the first two episodes, I noticed that, just like your articles, my videos seem particularly triggering to the anti-quantum zealots out there. I take it as an indication of quality.

One particular specimen told me that while there were numerous fine introductions to QM on YouTube, mine was particularly bad.

(I banned this person after he spammed my comment section with gems of claims like that the observer is a non-sensical concept, that the observer can be replaced by outgoing classical light waves, which he called an "irreversible transfer of energy" since "you cannot catch up with a light ray", that non-relativistic QM is inconsistent, and so on.)

The one thing that shocked me is that he hinted at being an experimental physicist who is employed or at least tolerated around some laboratory. There is something deeply broken in physics education if such people can call themselves physicists and the fact that this crackpot finds most introductions to QM palatable is a grave warning sign.

I sincerely hope you like the new video,
Best regards, Edwin

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