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Leftist groups and symbiosis of unattractive radicals and moderate hedonists

TOP 09 is a small Czech political party (which would probably earn below 5% in the coming elections – but it will get to the Parliament through a larger coalition "SPOLU" [together] that it has joined) which is my country's counterpart of the CDU in Germany: an entity pretending to be conservative which has become a hotbed of the most insane "progressive" (and globalist, multicultural, Russophobic...) far left ideology. The leftists who want to preserve some conservative image often pick TOP 09 as their party. It was formed in 2009 when it separated from KDU-ČSL (the acronym KDU means the same as CDU, ČSL is the Czechoslovak People's Party), a much older party.

It was initially founded by Miroslav Kalousek, a skillful and talented polemicist in the Parliament who later served as a Czech minister of finance and got many awards, and I think that rightfully so. His most important buddy was "Prince" Karl Schwarzenberg, an old repeatedly sleeping Austrian aristocrat who has always emphasized his proximity to the Czech ex-president Václav Havel and who has once served as the minister of foreign affairs.

These two dudes were gradually drifting towards the extreme left, perhaps analogously to Angela Merkel and many others, but the newer generation of leaders such as Ms Markéta Adamová-Pekarová, the current chairwoman, are no longer pretending to have some real relationships with genuinely conservative values any longer. She is (and others are) a copy of the Communist Youth organizations before 1989. But the picture above is that of Dominik Feri, a special case.

As you can see, Feri has some non-white ancestry and an impressive haircut (he was already born in Northern Bohemia, however, back in 1996; the mother is Czech, Eastern Bohemian, and the father is mostly Ethiopian). I do think that he has a nontrivial amount of charisma but the main reason why he became so important in the political structures were TOP 09's efforts to increase their diversity, I think.

Well, for years, I have been trying to read his emotions and "what he was thinking" in between the lines and I have believed that he doesn't actually believe the far left crap that his party became identified with. I have even tried to persuade him to switch to a more decent party in the past. At any rate, he is a former politician now. After accusations of sexual violence or rape, he resigned as a lawmaker and, after some mild pressure, he also left TOP 09 as a party.

When I say "sexual violence", I don't mean some microaggressions, some words in which unhinged feminists with a lot of fantasy see a "penis". By "sexual violence" or "rape", I mean rather old-fashioned things. Feri co-founded a charity at the Charles University (Prague) Law School which he has completed, Kappa Omega, and the main actual activities of Kappa Omega were "American-style" home parties.

Some girls accuse him that e.g. during a party at his home, while energized by ethanol, he took a nightstand and blocked the door from the room. One girl was saying and screaming "No" and conveyed the message that she didn't want to have sex with him but he kept on conquering and, at the end, he was penetrating. I don't know whether you would use the exact same strategy as the strategy Feri is accused of... but I am talking about a rape of the same type that the people who lived half a century ago would perfectly understand: penetration achieved with the help of the man's excess physical force and against the woman's explicitly communicated wishes. Needless to say, police had to start the investigation into this apparently serious criminal act. Various people in TOP 09 had hugely differing reactions, different opinions on whether it is acceptable to accuse him at all (of course, he deserves a better treatment), and so on. A classical BLM vs #MeToo battle (which is never as passionate as it should be if these people consistently obeyed their principles).

If true, it means that would-be high brow progressive organizations like Kappa Omega are actually just umbrellas to organize wild orgies at Dominik Feri's home and similar homes. But I must make a similar claim – suggested in the title – about Feri himself. Indeed, I think that his actual emotional attachment to the far left ideas is almost non-existent. He is not "just like" the hardcore ideological drivers who were powering the transformation of TOP 09 to a far left party.

In particular, his attitude to the girls at similar parties indicates that he doesn't actually share anything with the feminist BS that TOP 09 also started to promote. You may still say that he has been immensely hypocritical because he has been verbally defending feminsm and some special new rights of women while he turned out to be a rapist if the accusations are true. And yes, it is true that many of the people who are the loudest progressive warriors against XY are the worst in XY (this applies to critics of some immoral behavior in the Academia, too). But I think it is not an accurate description of his situation because I believe that he hasn't even personally promoted the contemporary, pathological, radical versions of feminism.

Instead, his only attachment to this radical feminism is his (now terminated) membership in a political party that had lots of them. For example, Ms Olga Sommerová, a hardcore feminist filmmaker (which is thankfully a very rare species here, she may be the only sufficiently well-known feminist filmmaker), will inherit his chair in the Parliament. It's arguably similar in many other topics. He is not really a typical "believer" in any of the far left "causes" such as feminism, anti-white racism, cancel culture in general, and perhaps even in the global warming pseudoscience and many similar kinds of toxic garbage. But he has still been a rising star of TOP 09, he has been their close buddy according to his geometric location. Why was it so?

I think that the answer is that the true believers in the far left garbage do realize that they are unattractive and impossible to be elected. And that their composition (in the sense of identity politics) doesn't really agree with their ideology and words. And they just need someone who looks sane, healthy, full of energy and ordinary desires, and perhaps even charismatic. Dominik Feri has played this role in TOP 09 (whose "My Voice" campaign even revolved around him) and I think that many other people play a similar role in many other leftist groups. We should pay attention to these (not so hidden) subtleties. Not everyone who is a member of the far left groups is a bitter radical activist who wants to eliminate all the fun from his life and from the lives of others. Some members may be described differently, perhaps as the opposite kind of people, hedonists. And they sometimes become members of groups like TOP 09 because such groups need someone like that in order to gain some "human face" – but almost all hedonists openly despise such left-wing groups. When you find a hedonist who is willing to team up with a party like TOP 09, e.g. Dominik Feri, such a party is rather likely to embrace the hedonist and make him very visible in its structures.

Needless to say, I have serious doubts about Dominik Feri's Law School degree, too. Because of his appearance, I think that it has been considered very convenient for many to allow such a person to study and complete the studies even in the absence of the merit. I don't really believe that he understands the law to the extent that is officially mandatory for the alumni.

P.S.: The internal conflict in TOP 09 got a little bit serious. "Prince" Schwarzenberg – whose ancestors arguably had the right to have sex with serfs against the will of the latter – said that Feri's behavior was normal for a young man and all of us became incredibly hypocritical under the influence of #MeToo in recent years. The current TOP 09 boss Ms Adamová-Pekarová (clearly a supporter of #MeToo) went ballistic and demands an apology from the "prince". Some younger members of TOP 09 joined her. I write "prince" in the quotes because I am a law-abiding citizens and the aristocratic titles were formally outlawed here in 1918, the ban still formally exists (I am confident that it should apply to the likes of Ms Leyen as well) although no one is ever punished for using them.

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