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12 or 100 totalitarian pseudoscientific authors against Steven E. Koonin

Steven Koonin has released his new 240-page-long book Unsettled where the physicist and a (former) Obama Administration official explains why the climate change talking points are misleading propaganda. It seems to be a bestselling book and the average rating from the 400+ reviews at Amazon.com gives the book 4.8 stars.

Steven E. Koonin got his undergrad degree at Caltech, his PhD from the MIT, and he has been a theoretical physicist for decades. His papers include those about nuclear physics (including the reactions in the Sun), many-body physics, computational physics, biophysics, and physics of renewable energy sources, among other things.

He was one of the dudes who realized that he liked the politics and administration of science and he has arguably been successful in that job. Koonin has held numerous administrative positions such as the Caltech Provost and, more recently, the undersecretary for science in the Obama Administration's Department of Energy. He has not only science, common sense, and the evidence on his side: he has accumulated quite some power and recognition from the "liberal" scientific establishment, too. So what may the Gr@ta-style extremist radical pseudoscientific activists do?

As Marc Morano informed many of us, Unscientific Unamerican simply published a hit piece, that is the right answer so far (before a more draconian punishment is invented)! The title is

That ‘Obama Scientist’ Climate Skeptic You’ve Been Hearing About ...
A New Book Manages to Get Climate Science Badly Wrong
Of course, this distasteful rant by the authors who have done no genuine science in their lives doesn't contain any evidence, let alone evidence that would weaken some statements in Koonin's 240-page-long book. It just tells the readers that they are obliged to hate Koonin. His "crime" may be even worse than the "crime" committed by the scientists linked to Donald Trump. Koonin has apparently been guilty of apostasy.

Unscientific Unamerican has published two attacks, one that has focused on the book, one about Koonin himself. The latter is signed by 12 notorious individuals. If you read the names of at least 2 of these 12 beings and you fail to be vomiting at least for 24 minutes, then you are not a decent human being and you don't deserve to be allowed to stay on the European or American continent.

The strategy of replacing arguments and science with a long list of names has reminded me of something – and the main "heretical" scientist who has actually been associated with Trump (and who was mentioned in the hit piece, without a name) quickly sent an e-mail showing that his thinking was exactly the same. These Unscientific Unamerican hit pieces are nothing else than V2.0 of "100 [Nazi-friendly] Authors Against Einstein", an infamous pseudoscientific hit piece meant to bully state-of-the-art physicists and published in Nazi Germany.

Note that the global mean temperature anomaly was +0.08 °C in May 2021, up slightly from –0.05 °C in April 2021. Both (UAH AMSU satellite figures) are measured relatively to the 1991-2020 thirty-year-long average. Both numbers are extremely close to zero; the Earth isn't ready to cooperate with the catastrophic global warming crackpottery. Maybe the defenders of this utterly discredited garbage would be more successful on Venus?

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