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Lab leaks, bioweapons, and gain of function research

Many TRF readers recommend this Nicholas Wade's article about the artificial origin of the virus

From the beginning of the Covid era, it looked very likely that the appearance of the new virus in Wuhan has something to do with the biological lab over there – which has investigated coronaviruses and bats, among other things. The accumulation of two such things in Wuhan could be coincidental but the geographic evidence is rather strong that it was not coincidental.

Czech molecular geneticist Ms Soňa Peková was among the first ones, if not the first one in the world, who presented technical arguments that the virus was not quite natural. Unsurprisingly, she was attacked by the (clearly ideologically driven) far left "journalists" and similar folks who know less than 0.1% about genetics compared to what she knows. I don't quite understand these technical arguments. But it is clear that there are many levels of "human intervention" that could have "helped" to spark the epidemics. It could have been a natural virus that was "just" nontrivially isolated, reproduced, and leaked. The leak could have been an accident or not. An existing virus could have been genetically modified and the degree of modification could be minor or substantial, and so on. I don't think that such adjustments to a virus are a cutting-edge science today. The virus could have also been intentionally modified so that it is more harmful to the whites and blacks and less harmful to the East Asians.

There are lots of uncertainties – and there are even greater uncertainties about the motivation behind these acts if there were any.

For a very long time, the leftist bullies have painted everyone who has even talked about the lab leak theory as if she were a crackpot. But it's the other way around. You are a crackpot – or an obedient puppet of criminals and/or Chinese communists – if you have ever refused to consider and talk about these obvious theories. One should be careful because it would be very wrong to accuse someone if these far-reaching accusations were completely untrue – but the risk of ignoring the actual culprits is comparably grave.

Anthony Fauci is a U.S. doctor who has suddenly emerged from a hole and has been served by the left-wing media on a daily basis. I just find this very fact insane. Just in the U.S., there are 1 million practising physicians. Even if you look at those who are doing research into viruses etc., you will find thousands and thousands. How does it happen that one particular old man gains so much power? This clearly shows that the U.S. democracy has broken. He wasn't elected by anybody. He has some special links to powerful institutions that can completely circumvent democracy.

And he's been wrong (or he has made a U-turn) about everything. I am not collecting the detailed quotes but I have seen enough to know – and you may verify it yourself – that he has recommended HCQ as a wonderful drug (plus prevention) for similar diseases some years ago, before he took the exact opposite position. In February 2020, he was vigorously fighting against face masks – before he become a fanatical advocate of the face mask duty. And the list is much longer.

Of course, his role in the very creation of the epidemics would be more far-reaching. Again, I don't follow the details but it seems obvious that he has had a lot of power over the Wuhan Institute itself and he has secured funding for that institute. He has also bullied people (e.g. Indian scientists) who could be inconvenient for a suspicious research. On top of that, Fauci has been a defender of the "gain of function research". That is a term denoting a morally controversial strategy in medical research – in which more effective, harmful diseases, viruses, and microorganisms are deliberately engineered in order to learn something (about the disease or the treatments etc.).

Now, many people immediately attack the concept of "gain of function research" in its entirety. It's an evil Frankenstein science that needs to be banned. Well, I surely disagree with that universal opposition. Like the telescopes and microscopes, it is just a full-blown clever scientific trick and this immediate refusal of such a clearly effective strategy is a proof that the opponent hates science as a process of learning. If you amplify an effect, it is simply easier to see it and to study it.

But a problem is that the medical research isn't quite a pure science – most of it is, or is motivated by, applied research. People study diseases because they actually want to prevent them or treat them, they want to save lives and health, they want to make the human lives better – or at least they want to earn some money for pretending so. So the relative importance of "pure science" is rather limited in the medical research in general.

In particular, if you perform the "gain of function" research into coronaviruses (and the modifications of coronaviruses are unlikely to tell you something reliable about diseases that have other causes), the costs and risks seem greater than the benefits. Why? Because (at least before SARS-1 appeared and after SARS-1 has disappeared; but before Covid-19 appeared) there weren't really any coronaviruses that would cause serious enough problems to the humans. For this simple reason, it seems obvious that the engineering of worse variants of coronaviruses is significantly more likely to threaten the public health – than to improve it. In this particular situation, I would obviously support a ban.

But such a ban hasn't really existed and whenever it appears, it is should be a matter of a subtle judgement that hopefully depends on some understanding of the field and its possible risks and benefits (and the impartial evaluation of these risks and benefits by someone who is impartial enough). What would be much more criminal would be the intentional engineering and release of a sufficiently harmul virus. There are lots of possible reasons why someone could have done it. China wants to become a real superpower – and maybe the most important one. It would surely help (and it has already helped) to terrify the Westerners and lure them into an insane sequence of lockdowns – which have actually taken place and which haven't improved the medical situation. (If you happen not to know, the commandment "take on a face mask and hide in the hole" isn't cutting-edge science that comes from the best brains in the world, it is an unscientific civilization-wrecking medieval ritual.) Many green fanatics want to reduce or exterminate the human population because they think that the homo sapiens species (or the CO2 that mankind helps to emit) is a dirt on Planet Earth. And then you have real Frankenstein-style scientists who really want the power or fame to do far-reaching things to millions or billions of people.

I don't follow or understand Anthony Fauci in detail (I know people who read the full articles about these scandals, and many articles a day!) but similar people clearly are close enough to all these dangerous conditions – they are green fanatics, they also feel to be allies of the Chinese communists and other left-wing manipulators, they seem to be thirsty for power and fame, and so on. The investigations of such things should have started more than a year ago. It is really insane that the majorities of the Western nations have allowed a completely different "narrative" to win, at least for a year. It is insane that someone who could have created the whole "pandemics" – Anthony Fauci in this case – has become the U.S. symbol of a heroic fight against the virus instead (he hasn't done anything useful in the fight against the disease, he is responsible for billions or trillions of wasted dollars, and even if he played no role in the birth of this disease, he has probably done many things that have killed thousands of additional people, too).

The real problem isn't the existence of a few immoral people – and Fauci is unquestionably one. The real problem is that the Western nations have been transformed into obedient sheep who don't (and, maybe, who can't) use their brains anymore. A self-evident jerk tells his equally filthy allies in the media to present him as the savior of the world and hundreds of millions buy this anti-truth. This is the actual catastrophe of the present era.

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