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Why some stopped hiring Ivy League alumni

Russell Ronald (R.R.) Reno III, the editor-in-chief of First Things, an intellectual Christian magazine, wrote a nice essay for the Wall Street Journal,

Why I Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates.
A decade ago, he would still consider Princeton, Harvard, and similar graduates as top candidates for a job (of writers). But it has changed. These days, some are woke; some are self-important; but more importantly, most have been stripped of role models and trained to be silent when it matters. I couldn't agree more.

Incidentally, he enumerates some schools that he considers good sources of talented enough graduates that have absorbed some added value during the college years. These schools include the Hillsdale College (which is also the #1 favorite U.S. school of the Czech ex-president Václav Klaus) and my graduate school Alma Mater, Rutgers University (we must generously overlook Rutgers stories like this one).

Reno realizes that the insane whining snowflakes from the viral videos are a clear minority among the students of the Ivy League. But that doesn't mean that the "silent majority" of the Ivy League graduates is OK.

Instead, in the recent decade or so, the schools elevated the thin-skinned snowflake human garbage to the "scholarly elite" while the students with common sense and traditional moral virtues were degraded to second-class students. Only those who accept the role may be kept in those environments. The real problematic point, as Reno identified it correctly, is that these saner students (who aren't really unhinged progressive radicals screaming about discrimination and habitually inventing accusations) have accepted this role of the second-class students.

Using his words, they have accepted their "dhimmitude". This is the name of the situation of the Christians and infidels in the Islamic countries – that allow these non-Muslims to stay alive as long as they accept their inferiority in the majority Islamic society. And the overwhelming majority of the Ivy League students have accepted their dhimmitude, indeed.

It's exactly right. I do agree that the Ivy League students are the most characteristic representatives of this dhimmitude relatively to the New Left. But they are not the only ones. This phenomenon is widespread in the broader intellectual non-radical circles. Lots of people with some intellectual credentials and with some conservative or nationalist inclinations – including many people who say that they agree with almost everything I write about politics, including a subset of the people who are sending me some donations – are actually deeply immersed in their dhimmitude, a world view in which the insane leftists are the natural "overlords" of everyone.

Their personal submission to this very low-quality human material would be alarming by itself but it's usual worse than that. These self-described non-progressives actually expect others, including myself, to accept the submission towards our snowflake "elites". OK, sorry, I will never accept something like that because it's a ludicrous lie. Individuals whose intellectual and moral stature cannot reach the center of mass of my toes just cannot be my overlords. No need to apologize about this trivial fact! Something is deeply wrong about you if you embraced patterns of behavior that obfuscates this simple fact.

Reno points out that all the students of these leading PC indoctrination centers, including those who aren't radical proponents of the PC falsehoods, have been trained to stay silent when it matters. In other words, their role in the workplace is guaranteed to be worthless when it matters – and because these moments are overrepresented in the overall importance of their whole lives or careers, these people's professional lives are bound to be close to worthless, too.

He also mentioned some old-fashioned reasons not to hire such people which would be comprehensible even before the political correctness and the woke "culture" exploded into the global omnipresent cancer. The "preferred" part of these young people has become used to regularly invent and emotionally hype rather wild accusations that are almost always totally baseless. That's obviously harmless for every team that makes the mistake of hiring these individuals. Those alumni who don't habitually invent insulting conspiracy theories and accusations are still shaped to view this garbage and whining as arguments – and to change their behavior in order to comply with these "arguments" which are obviously not arguments at all. Even if they are not the "leaders of the wokeness", they have been re-programmed to effectively (even if silently) help the woke leaders whenever it matters. And that is clearly a negative thing for every workplace that is doing something useful.

Most Ivy League students were born as talented kids and that's why they were accepted. But you need to look at the universities' added value and that is almost certainly negative, Reno observed. So just acknowledge that these graduates are a degraded human capital and leave them to someone else or to the welfare. Douglas Murray summarized Reno's essay for Fox News by saying that the Ivy League trains the students to be totally unemployable.

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