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The peril of politicizing science

Willie Soon sent us this wonderful essay in J. Chem. Lett. written by Ms Anna Krylov who is a USC chemist with formidable 20,000 citations.

The Peril of Politicizing Science
It was sent to Willie by a Professor of AE at the same USC, i.e. a male colleague of Krylov's.

Even though it is long, you should read it and be reminded of some of the terrifying things that were happening to the society, science, and scientists in the Soviet Union. She grew up in... Donětsk, currently the capital of a "seceded" republic in Ukraine, but that industrial and important enough city has changed previously the names from Hughesovka to Trotsk and then to Stalino LOL.

Surely we used to think that those terrible things were over. Wrong. These days, Krylov finds herself in a new environment that is strikingly similar to what she knew many decades ago.

Her stories, both from the Soviet Union and from the U.S., are entertaining partly because she uses the modern terminology of the woke snowflakes and politically correct jihadists to describe what the templates or role models for these woke snowflakes were doing during the Soviet era. What the communists were doing were the cancel culture, some folks were cancelled and erased from the photographs, before the previous heroes such as Trotsky and Stalin were gradually cancelled as well LOL. ;-)

It's unfortunate yet somewhat logical that such a large portion of the people who warn against the crippling of the basic Western standards in the Western scholarly environment – and in the society at large – are people like Krylov (or your humble correspondent) who are intimately familiar with communism. A majority of the Western-born scholars seems completely blind, deaf, braindead, and complicit (if not actively supporting the immoral leftist terror).

OK, I had to forgive Ms Krylov her final comments about the important usage of science to fight "climate change" and "controlling the pandemics" because her ideas and the numerous examples were both insightful and entertaining. Who knows... maybe this compliment for Gr@tinism was both necessary and sufficient for the text to be published. Alternatively, she has been absorbed by this part of the politicized science but it's still vastly better than to be absorbed by "almost all of its aspects".

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