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Emperor penguins will obviously not get extinct due to "climate change"

The omnipresent far left-wing media have become a formidable tool of mass misinformation, especially when it comes to questions that depend on nontrivial science (and quite often even stories that depend on totally trivial science). Despite the stories about their growing irrelevance, their impact is stunning. I find it obvious that way over 90% of the basic claims about scientific topics – let me say over 90% of the headlines of science-loaded news stories – are straight lies.

Also, I think that over 90% of the people in the Western world, and it's getting close to that level even in the skeptical Czechia, are successfully brainwashed by almost all of its garbage. Tons of people – including people who have often pretended to have some basic scientific education as well as independently operating brains (or maybe only such people?) – still have to ask me about elementary questions. And it is basically the same questions again and again. I got totally tired because I think that this fight is futile and I have been just wasting my time whenever I tried to increase the public's understanding of science. If you are ready to soften or change your mind about an elementary scientific point that I explained to you just days ago as soon as you hear some self-evident brain-dead or lying crackpot on your left-wing TV channel who says something that directly contradicts facts that you should have known and perfectly understood since the kindergarten years, or at least for days (because that's when I explained those things to you), it is very clear that you just don't have a well-functioning brain.

It is a waste of time to try to explain something to you because just like the opinion of a parrot, your opinion is determined by the sources that you hear most often (you don't understand anything in the world and you have never understood anything in the world, despite the illusions indicating the contrary), and I just can't compete with the braindead gr@tins, Coronazis, and similar unscientific lying subhuman cr@p that you clearly enjoy to listen to and parrot – and you haven't understood that you are just swallowing and parroting feces almost all the time. Please, if you heard some repetition of the usual lies about the Covid hysteria or the climate or broken quantum mechanics or problems with string theory, don't try to ask for my opinion ever again. I have stopped this communication and I viscerally despise and hate brain-dead moronic sheep like you (even though I appreciate that there is a whole class of people who are even worse because they wouldn't even dare to ask me!). I am amazingly disgusted by every second that I have to spend with biological junk like you, OK? Return to your WaPo and Nude Socialist cesspools, this is where you belong.

OK, so these days, the far left-wing media continue to promote the delta Covid-19 hysteria. Every person whose IQ is above 80 and who has been paying at least some attention to the real world data must know that delta is an example of a common cold virus. Far fewer than 0.1% of the infected people die. It's clear in India where "delta" was first identified, in the U.K. where it moved afterwards, and in Pilsen-City district which led the Covid-19 infection rates among 76 Czech districts (plus Prague) for a month.

The basic reproduction number is as high as \(R_0\approx 8\) because the running nose (which is the symptom that defines common cold) easily spreads the virus. It is utterly stupid to "fight" against such a growing infectious disease. You are guaranteed to lose this fight — which is just a fight against the most obvious laws of mathematics – and every nation that becomes a nation of losers deserves to lose this fight simply because winning nations must avoid the gravest mistake of fighting against the most powerful laws of Nature and mathematics. As I told you in June, delta was going to grow in Australia as well and there was no way how those criminal totalitarian lockdowns could have changed this fact. Was I right about this prediction? You bet. The running nose also means that the virus doses are shrinking well before the virus starts to occupy the lungs where diseases become serious. So just like every other virus with this behavior, a.k.a. every cold virus, it causes a mild disease.

Pilsen-City has been the most intense district in "Covid cases per 100,000 people". In recent weeks, the percentage of "cases" that are just delta (common cold) has been over 90% and this percentage may keep on growing (whether it is delta or delta-plus or Delta DeLuxe is irrelevant). Between July 11th and August 4th, the reported numbers were above 40 cases per 100,000 per 7 days in my district, the peak was above 50, and the latest figure is below 22 again, indicating a clear drop that is very likely to continue now. The half-width of the Gaussian-like curve is less than one month; this "delta wave" lasts for a month, it can't really be prolonged well over this duration unless you do something really, really unnatural. What about the deaths? The total Pilsen-City deaths (for 190,000 people) were 516; it was 518 on August 5th. Just 2 people died; delta has only increased the number of Covid deaths by 0.5%. This will obviously be true everywhere. Without the mass indoctrination by antiscientific lies and hysteria, we would have no chance to detect anything unusual about the two deaths. Some two extra people have died in July and they just had a cold during the death.

Another topic of intense lies by the far left-wing activists who have hijacked almost the entire media space deals with vaccination. It is very clear that the vaccines are far less effective than they were claimed to be. They don't reduce the chances of being infected by 90+ percent as it used to be claimed. In fact, it looks like they don't reduce it at all. They don't even reduce the probability of hospitalization. The data from Israel, Iceland, and lots of other "fully vaccinated places" speak a clear language. The number of "cases" was growing in most such "fully vaccinated" countries and a majority of the hospitazed people were fully vaccinated. You must live in a bubble of lies if you have missed these basic facts. On the other hand, post-communist countries such as Bulgaria have the lowest vaccination rate but they also have the lowest Covid-19 activity in recent weeks. The natural immunity does greatly help; vaccination, not so much. It has been the case from the beginning (even for diseases well before Covid-19 existed). There is no evidence that the vaccines are helpful at this moment. They have almost certainly worked against some specific variants for a month or two but this time is over. There are tons of data showing the huge risk of death or serious diseases caused by the vaccines (loss of hearing, inflammation of the heart muscles, heart attacks etc.). People who are trying to force these vaccines on young people or even children are war criminals and they must be executed at some point in the future when this insanity stops, hopefully within a year.

Finally the penguins

Meanwhile, the climate hysteria hasn't gone away, either. Three days ago, the global cabal of antiscientific liars has spread the meme that emperor penguins will go extinct because of man-made climate change. Check Google News for this new penguin hype (the hysteria clearly didn't work with polar bears that are thriving more than they were thriving for a very long time so penguins are the second natural choice). The Czech public TV has joined this stunning garbage even though we are obliged to pay the TV fees here. Oh, so CO2 will make emperor penguins extinct?

Lukáš Pollert, a physician and a double Olympic medalist (decades ago), gave the appropriate reaction which is one tweet. The claim is ludicrous simply because penguins are a category of species ("order" or "family" if you wish) that are 65 million years old. And during that time, the Earth has been much warmer than it may possibly be by 2100, and the penguins did just fine. That is the end of the story. The claim is just preposterous.

If you want to focus on the emperor species, well, the oldest known fossils of emperor penguins are 60 million years old, just ten percent newer than the penguins as a family.

What about the temperature? Just look at some geologic temperature record. If you are really dumb enough not to be able to do this "research" yourself, not even with the help of a search engine, I made the task even easier for you. Just fudging look at the graph above. Or click at the image above. It means that you hold your finger above the mouse button (it is not a real mouse, it is a gadget that fits into your palm that just looks like a mouse), and press the finger hovering above the left button. The graph shows that 50 million years ago, the polar oceans were as much as 12 Celsius degrees warmer than some normal over the recent "several million years". I want to avoid all the geological terminology because you don't need it. We will clearly not achieve a 12 °C warming over there in a century. Or two centuries. The emperor penguins have surved tens of millions of years of temperatures that were much higher than those that are possible in 2100 and they haven't gone for such a long time. So the slight elevation of temperature clearly isn't a sufficient condition for the extinction of emperor penguins. If they go extinct, and there is no actual genuine reason to expect it (because some alarmist aßhole's decision to make up a scary story is not a genuine reason to expect anything), the reasons will be different from a two-degree change of the temperature.

More generally, the statement "it is warmer than it has been in 3 million years" is something that may only impress the totally scientifically illiterate morons. Three million years may sound like a lot but it is 1/5,000 of the age of the Universe, 1/1,500 of the age of the Earth, and it is known to be (mostly) the Pleistocene, by definition a very cold geological epoch (when the regular glaciation periods took place, they didn't exist before that). So it's easy to be warmer than this very cold period. While 3,000,000 is a number much larger than one, it is still a shorter period than the age of virtually all orders of organisms on Earth. Even the human species (one of the newest species) are only about equally old, ~3 million years with some definition "homo" and some choice of the allowed evidence. But when it comes to the climate, we expect the very same climate as mammals who live in the same climate zones. Very close ancestors of mammals have been around for 300+ million years and the new equilibrium with impressive mammal-dominating ecosystems has existed for 30 million years. 3 million years is a very short period in comparison and this meme is often repeated because the authors of this deceitful claim know that there are tons of people who have no clue about geology or evolution of species, who have no idea what "3 million years" means or doesn't mean. I think that even among TRF readers, despite the brutal selection that I have tried to encourage for 17 years here, such ignorant people may be a majority. It's likely that you don't understand why the "3 million years is a long time" claim is utterly demagogic and anti-scientific. I know the exceptions among you.

But like thousands of other explanations, basic facts and observations like those above are a waste of time for a great majority of the people who are just brain-dead sheep who ultimately buy an arbitratily preposterous pile of junk as soon as it is said by the media (or repeated twice, or repeated five times, or at most ten times, and it is easy to do so because all these filthy liars are coordinating their lies). And they have the power to repeat lies which is why all these sheep, including individuals who pretend not to be braindead sheep in front of me, but their pretending is 100% deceitful, simply buy any lie.

The rest of us who still have a brain must abandon democracy as it has evolved by now, one that counts these stunningly dumb sheep as our peers. They are not our peers. They are hogget and mutton. We must treat them as cattle because it is a vastly more accurate approximation of their identity than "our peers". If we allow them to reproduce and if we allow them to be treated as our peers, they will conquer the world and our species will devolve into a species of cattle again.

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