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Johnny Depp could relax in Carlsbad

Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary in Czech, KV) is Czechia's largest spa town, one which hosted numerous emperors and cultural elites (such as Goethe) during its golden era a century ago. Months ago, Carlsbad along with Franzensbad (CZ: Františkovy Lázně) and Marienbad (CZ: Mariánské Lázně), the triangle of the Western Bohemian spas, was included into the new UNESCO European spa list (for Czechia, 3/11 isn't a bad proportion of the Europe's famous spas). See some 260+ pictures from a recent trip.

One of the modern events in Carlsbad is the international film festival (KVIFF), a mini-Cannes with HQ in the huge socialist-era Hotel Thermal (which is undergoing a renovation, not yet completed); some screening takes place in the Municipal Theater. Depp lived in Grand Hotel Pupp, a top 3 hotel in the town. Mainly because the era of emperors is gone and the influence of Czech gems has collapsed during the communist era, KVIFF isn't really in Cannes' league and it must be grateful for its stars. The actor-turned-director of KVIFF, Jiří Bartoška, manages to invite a widely recognized global star almost every year. Johnny Depp came late and wasn't the only star (Michael Caine was a problem-free star and impressed many; Ethan Hawke was said to be contemplative) but the Czech (and imported?) fans spoke a clear language. This KVIFF was a Depp event. The number of fans who waited for him and enthusiastically greeted him surpassed the number of guests at the official ceremonies.

Now, I obviously consider him an A* actor; the Pirate and Willy Wonka are enough to probe his talent for roles. I haven't watched some very recent movies. It may be possible that he is losing some acting skills or charisma or whatever but even if it were the case, he deserves the treatment of a star who has already contributed a lot and has the right for quite some comfortable retirement if he wished one. But he doesn't wish it, of course.

Needless to see, I think that the fanatical SJWs are behind the attempted professional and psychological assassination of this famous actor. The left-wing media have labeled him a canceled actor – these malicious claims are clearly designed to be self-fulfilling prophesies. Various accusations and financial claims accompany these problems. The largest trouble is Amber Heard, an ex-wife of Depp. She has accused him of being a wife-beater. A key question for everyone to decide is whether you believe these accusations. More silently, you may learn a different story, namely that she was really abusing him (here is a picture of him after she apparently attacked him). According to some visual evidence, she was šitting into their bed and there were other things. She demanded some $50 million for something I don't understand, courts refused that; he is suing her for defamation, also $50 million. Sorry if some details are wrong. Even though her lawsuits failed, the left-wing press still treats her as if she were vindicated.

I can't know everything but I think that I can feel what kinds of people these two folks are. I just find it much more likely that she was abusing him than that he was abusing her. More importantly, I find it overwhelmingly obvious and important that the currently dominant press in the West stands against men (like him), on the side of women's accusations (like hers), it's a simple new rule. The press has overwhelmingly adopted misandry as one of its ideological pillars and it's been particularly the case since the explosion of the #MeToo witch hunts. This fact, an indisputable fact, makes it more likely by orders of magnitude that the man is right, relatively to the likelihood perceived after you read some reports in the media.

Fortunately for Depp, no one really gives a damn about Amber Heard in Czechia. She is just not a star of Depp's caliber. On top of that, I think that most people – including most Czech women (and especially the women, I would say) – would instinctively agree with the guess that Heard is the bitch while Depp is the nice, sensitive dude. More generally, there is no macroscopic amount of third-wave feminism in Czechia. Among 10.7 million people, there are about 14 third-wave feminists and I believe that I have spoken to more than 60% of them. They are an insanely fringe group which is (rightfully) disliked by the public. In the U.S. and Western Europe, they have apparently hijacked the mainstream media (and perhaps universities and other institutions), something that I consider incredible but it is obviously the case.

You may spend some time with recent tweets about Johnny Depp and KVIFF, there are lots of pictures and videos involving tons of fans and a somewhat relaxed Depp. You may read Hollywood media pointing out that Depp was showered in love and he thanked the warriors for their faith and support.

Well, I think that he is still visually anxious. A Czech female journalist asked him how he liked Carlsbad. This "reading inside one's head" isn't reliable but I think that I could read that: He heard a female journalist's voice, so he instinctively switched to the regime of a preparation for a feminist attack. He didn't understand the precise question and wanted the question to be repeated. Shockingly, the question wasn't about the hatred and unjustified accusations. It was about his feelings about Carlsbad. Obviously, he said that he wanted to move there. The Czech female journalist was totally excited and grateful for this one-sentence exchange and she published a one-sentence interview (which I just described to you) to, a major Czech news server.

I think that the comment about the moving was meant to be a flattering joke but I actually think it could be a great idea for him to rent his big home in LA and to move out of the hostile homeland to Czechia for a year or two. The self-destruction of the West has many dimensions. The cancellation of top actors by unjustified accusations – accusations by someone who could have beaten Depp (also by pots and pans), who may have šit into his bed, and who has surely immorally stripped him of millions of dollars – is just another dimension of this newly emerged self-liquidating instability of America (and Western Europe: but I think that the large industry of these things is currently exported from America to Europe).

Twitter and other servers prove the existence of a nontrivial body of his supporters and fans who love him. But I think that the atmosphere is so bad that they wouldn't be capable of creating the Carlsbad-like greeting of a rock star. They would be afraid that they would be harassed even for their support, or someone would really prevent them from being there, or something like that. Thank God, we are not this deeply in the neo-Marxist šit although we have been moving in a similarly šitty direction for a decade if not two. Something is new about this moderating role of Czechia because the experience with the (almost completely imported) Nazi and (partly imported) communist totalitarian systems made us see beneath the surface of similar witch hunts; the more general idea is much older. Wnen Nikola Tesla was totally abandoned and poor in 1937, he received the highest Czechoslovak Order of the White Lion (at a New York reception). I could find other examples. If something goes in a very wrong direction for you in your country, don't forget that in Czechia, the negative trends may be highly delayed, to say the least.

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