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Studies indicating that the Covid survivors' natural immunity trumps the vaccine-induced one

The Covid propaganda is arguably the greatest attack on the people's common sense and their basic understanding of science at least in the recent 500 years (not to mention the greatest attack on the world economy, easily trumping both world wars).

Much of the manipulation of the billions of people is about emotions (especially fear), not any arguments, but when it comes to arguments and explicit lies, the statement that "Covid-19 is something completely and qualitatively different than flu [and therefore deserves a totally different approach]" is probably the most fundamental Covid-19 of all. I think that the response to this ludicrous proposition is the primary question that separates the people who have kept their common sense from those who haven't. Covid-19 ended up being comparable to a flu episode (the Spanish flu, for example) but the Spanish flu mostly killed the young while Covid-19 has mostly killed older people than the life expectancy.

Another important lie is the lie that "the Covid epidemics hasn't ended" in countries like mine. The daily cases, deaths, and total hospitalizations are more than 99% below the most recent March 2021 peaks (and that's hugely below the thresholds for epidemics as used for flu, and Covid-19 delta is less lethal than flu!). Thankfully, 90% of the readers in Czech polls agree that "there is no ongoing epidemics of Covid-19 in Czechia". It's similar in many other countries except that many other countries fail to have the Czech herd immunity and they may indeed expect a (small but not quite negligible) part of the Covid events in the future. I think that a Western country where less than 0.25% of the population has died from Covid-19 isn't quite out of the woods yet.

In Australia and New Zealand, they lie about everything, including their statement that "they may meaningfully return to zero Covid cases before millions will have gone through Covid". That's of course nonsense. As I correctly predicted in June, Covid-19 cases in Australia are doubling-to-tripling every week and that exponential growth will only slow down and revert when a certain majority of the citizens will have the antibodies, and the vaccination of 100% is clearly not enough for that due to the low efficacy of the vaccines against delta. Today, Australia saw over 1,000 positive tests in a day for the first time.

A week ago, I became nearly certain that New Zealand was also on the trajectory towards infecting a majority of the citizens by Covid-19. Here you can see my prediction for these islands, too:

Too bad, affirmative action in New Zealand has gone so far that the Labour-Party-owned poultry branded "Jacinda" chosen as their "prime minister" still insists that they are pursuing the Covid zero policy and while there has been "some growth of Covid in New Zealand, it was not exponential". Quite on the contrary, poultry. It has been totally exponential and New Zealand actually displays a tripling per week or so. It is common sense that infections like that do spread exponentially (every infected person infects \(R_0\) others and that \(R_0\) is 5-8 without major restrictions and restrictions compatible with non-starvation simply cannot reduced that number below one) and the observational data may be used to estimate the doubling or tripling time. You need the IQ around 80 to be capable of extrapolating this self-evident exponential into the future. Too bad for the Kiwis, the poultry branded "Jacinda" doesn't possess this much brain power.

My nation is way more reasonable but some persistently repeated antiscientific lies have really brainwashed a majority of Czechs, too. I think that the most typical example of these "successful Covid lies in Czechia" is the lie that the vaccine is more important for herd immunity than the survivors' natural immunity. I hear this pure BS everywhere, it is actually nontrivial to find the people who understand this elementary point – namely that the effect of the vaccine on the herd immunity is at most a "modest contribution". I think that I need to go among the people who may be described as "fellow anti-Coronazi activists" to find people who haven't been completely brainwashed. But the set of "fellow anti-Coronazi activists" may be defined in a rather inclusive way and it includes many percent of the population.

In Czechia, 1,678,331 people (15.7% of the population, 10.7 million) have gotten a positive PCR test of Covid's RNA/DNA. This is already a substantial fraction of the nation. It is very clear that only a minority of the infected people got their positive PCR test in time. The actual number of people who have naturally gone through Covid is certainly higher than 50% and based on my analyses of this problem done for 17 months, and using many different methodologies, I think it is certainly higher than 70% and probably higher than 80% by now, too. This high percentage was really a necessary condition for us to get a decrease of Covid delta a few months ago when the vaccination fraction was still low.

On the other hand, 5.7 million (53%) have gotten at least one dose of a vaccine which includes 5.4 million (50.5%) who have gotten "both" (the word "both" is already outdated because the same people who have forced billions to participate in this largely unsuccessful vaccination campaign are already preparing the third, "booster", jab). However, against the (currently) overwhelmingly dominant delta-like variants of Covid-19, the average vaccine has just a ~40% efficacy and 40% of 50-53% is some 20-21%. So only about 20% have successfully acquired some immunity from a vaccine. It is very clear that the fraction that has the immunity from the survivorship is significantly higher, maybe by a factor of four (the two groups overlap). The factor of 4 is the Czech result; it is lower in almost all other countries but it is still higher than 1 in almost all countries where thousands have died from Covid.

The vaccinated people are not really tested – the tests would obviously show that lots of them do get infected and spread the virus, perhaps with higher doses than the unvaccinated people. The treatment of the vaccinated people as "safer for their community" is totally scientifically indefensible. Again, this elementary fact is understood by everyone who has some basic scientific literacy and who has spent at least an hour with this problem. (Even if the vaccine reliably prevented transmission, it would be stupid to harass the unvaccinated one because they couldn't infect the vaccinated ones, can they?) Sadly, a large majority of the people don't belong to this intersection which is why they are easily brainwashed by the ludicrous lies repeated 100 times a day in the omnipresent far left "media". This antiscientific, fanaticized part of the public has decided that it is right to harass the unvaccinated fellow citizens – just like it was "right" to do something about the Jews in Nazi Germany.

The efficacy of the vaccines is low and doesn't improve anything about the risks qualitatively. On top of that, millions of people have had problems after the vaccination (inflammation of the heart muscle, blood clots, Hashimoto's syndrome...) and tens of thousands have died (I record many young celebrities who are rather clearly victims of the vaccination every day). And there is a looming problem that hasn't clearly materialized but tons of the responsible experts (like the inventor of the mRNA vaccine) are warning that the scenario is very likely: the leaky (imperfectly effective, those that don't just kill the infection) vaccines are likely to produce vaccine-resistant variants (the same principle that is the reason why antibiotics must always be completed: you don't want some resistant, selected-by-heavy-fighting bacteria to survive and leave the body); and the related ADE or antibody-dependent enhancement. At some moment, the virus will probably be capable of attaching the antibodies... and treating them as nice extra tools instead of problems for the virus! The Anti-Taliban Black Hawks in Afghanistan are playing the role of the anti-Covid antibodies in the ADE scenario. Both Taliban and Covid have lots of fun with them now! ;-)
At Glenn Beck's Blaze TV website, Daniel Horowitz collected 15 scientific papers that indicate that the survivors' natural immunity is really more robust than the vaccine-induced immunity.
It provides one with more accurate antibodies, memory B cells, memory T cells, a slower decay of the antibodies, and other advantages, read it. It is really common sense than an actual encounter with the enemy followed by the defeat of the enemy gives your immunity system a better experience to fight in a repetition of the war. It's been true for all diseases in which the vaccine is imperfect but the natural immunity leads to recovery or death. I think that at least all people who have a college degree that is at least partly related to natural sciences must have known and understood this basic principle from their college years. The whole fingerprint is a safer tool to identify a criminal than a part of the fingerprint. But if you were skipping your biology classes, you have an opportunity to learn what you have missed and you should do so because the Covid vaccines are an important topic now. And be sure that the policies surrounding Covid and the vaccines are vastly more important than Covid-19 as a mere disease (which is not too important now).

For anyone who has the capacity to understand at least the elementary science, it is his moral duty to study these things and understand why the statements persistently spread by the far left "media" are lies (and I assure you that they are). Too many of you are despicable sheep who believe that it is just OK for you to repeat these lies and harass your fellow citizens who are more informed and more ethical than you are – because you are safe if you are hiding in the herd. You aren't safe in the herd. I assure you that when this insanity is really over and the pendulum swings in the opposite direction, everyone who has been a part of the pro-Covid-passport, pro-lockdown, anti-freedom herd will be hunted down by the victorious side. And be sure that the pro-vaccine-passport side will lose – because it is really a parasite living on the Covid virions and those are going to almost completely disappear in many other countries soon, too.

The insane acts such as the extra health insurance for the unvaccinated at Delta Air Lines (Delta is quite a name to pretend that they fight against the virus!), mandatory vaccination of U.S. soldiers, bans of the unvaccinated people here and there, and many other things are already events that will be remembered as counterparts of the Nazi acts during the "golden years" of Nazism. Years ago, I often said that we were just "marching towards a Nazi-like regime" but we were somewhere in the middle 1930s. It is no longer the case. We are living in a counterpart of 1942 or so (the peak when the Nazis started to lose almost everything, and so will you, damn Coronazis). If you support these things, you are on the wrong side of the history, you will become a loser and you will be treated as a loser and I think that there will not be enough support for a velvet approach to the evil Coronazi people like you.

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