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Taliban ultimately deserves the victory

The war in Afghanistan started after September 11th, 2001 attacks. As many of you know, I was defending my PhD thesis on Tuesday 9/11/2001, 9:30 am, minutes after I learned about the falling towers, in Piscataway NJ (the Busch Campus of Rutgers University), just over 30 miles from the World Trade Center. It was an intense day and I think that I can reconstruct rather clearly that I was an honorary U.S. patriot at that time.

Although I could have been a teenage dissident shortly before 1989, I am confident that it is right to call my political beliefs of the 1990s "the most mainstream rightwing politics" that you could get in Czechoslovakia. Some sympathies to the U.S. were natural parts of my views... The terrorist attacks were shocking and as a supporter of George W. Bush in the 2000 elections, I expected a clear reaction. We got some.

An attack on Afghanistan where the culture of culprits behind the terrorist attacks was almost certainly hiding was morally justifiable. I think that from the viewpoint of some immediate justice, some U.S. strikes on targets in Afghanistan were exactly as natural – and supported by the bulk of the international public – as the Austro-Hungarian attacks on Serbian targets in 1914, after the prospective emperor was assassinated. Some al-Qaeda-style savages simply had to die after 9/11 because most of us don't really believe that some abstract justice in Heaven and Hell will work.

However, things quickly began to evolve in wrong directions. First, I became very dissatisfied with the political correctness of politicians including George W. Bush. That guy basically refused to articulate the essential and unquestionably correct fact that it was primarily an attack of (radical) Islam against the West and its values. So the actual enemy wasn't named and was obfuscated. Second, the transformation of Afghanistan wasn't making clear advances and I abruptly became certain that almost no one in Afghanistan actually wanted a regime of the Western type (and it's just wrong and futile to try to impose something on populaces that just don't want the gift). In other words, the export of the Western democracy (or "liberal democracy" now?) seemed impossible and failing – many smart folks think that this is the main lesson of the ongoing blunder in Afghanistan (and a lesson that will start a new geopolitical epoch). Third, it was getting extremely costly – the total expenses have surpassed one trillion dollars which, as far as I can say, is much greater than the market price of Afghanistan and everything it contains (including the inhabitants).

One trillion is a lot of money – but it is still one order of magnitude less than $10 trillion, the amount that was globally thrown into the trash bin due to the insane Covid-19 hysteria (and we have probably surpassed $10 trillion by now). From this perspective, the adventure in Afghanistan was less financially important than the Covid-19 hysteria even though it has lasted for two decades. Much more important negative developments were taking place inside the Western civilization, however, which was gradually overtaken by the insane whining hypocritical demented "progressives", identity politics, gr@tinism, and tons of fatal diseases.

There have been consequences for every field. All these developments could have been observed in Afghanistan, too. The U.S. and allied soldiers didn't really have any substantial motivation to fight. Their enemy, the Taliban, had a clear motivation: Allah and everything that this cruel medieval superstitious šit contains. The result of the war in Afghanistan couldn't have been different. Like the U.S. itself, the puppet government of Afghanistan – and it has been unquestionably a correct description of that "official government" that collapsed today – wasn't really willing too hard or sacrifice much.

The Taliban was ready to sacrifice a lot, including their lives, and their advances accelerated in recent days. A much smaller army of poor, lo-tech fighters has defeated the world's largest and most hi-tech army. Hours ago, the puppet president resigned, evacuated Afghanistan, and the Taliban announced that it also controls the Presidential Palace. They plan a full-blown Taliban government, with no transitional intermezzo. These Islamic savage guerillas have defeated the world's only superpower, despite the huge expenses that the U.S. had to pay. Of course, the producers of weapons got paid regardless of the fact that the U.S. was going to be defeated. Their allies were always intensely selling the futile enterprise to the public.

The allies of the U.S. including Czechia have lost the war, too. Czech soldiers were considered much more neutral over there, the locals were often reported to trust the Czech soldiers instead of others in NATO. It also seems like a great idea that Czechia decided to evacuate the local translators who have worked for our embassy: their lives would obviously be at existential risk if they stayed in Afghanistan. I also think that the statement about the defeat must be articulated very clearly. In the past, I often heard about the Vietnam War and I was surprised that no one told us comprehensibly who had actually won that war (not even the teachers who were supposed to convey the communist propaganda). Make no mistake about it: the U.S. has lost the wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Some pictures of the escaping aircraft look isomorphic. There are many similarities. But there are differences.

While the U.S. that evacuated Vietnam was an undisputed superpower that rightfully felt self-confident about itself and its foundations, the U.S. that has just lost to the Taliban is a country in the state of an unstoppable decay that is increasingly controlled by elements that are not compatible with the Western values or with a modern, industrial, prosperous civilization, de facto spineless mammals (invertebrate mammals) with a vaguely human DNA that may be described as tumors living on the human society. The continuing prosperity of the U.S. is an artifact of the past (when the values and mechanisms were very different than what is being promoted now) that can't continue for too long, assuming the continuing escalation of the "progressive" cancer.

So while I still think that the Taliban and especially their ideology is absolutely distasteful and I don't want its fractional influence over my country to ever surpass 0.1%, there is a reason why I don't consider the today's defeat of the U.S. to be some very bad news. Why is it so? Simply because the U.S. and the "moral values" that it currently defends are even worse than the Taliban counterparts.

The Taliban dudes believe at least in something. Their ideology is a primitive, cruel, narrow-minded mindset based on some very stupid and scientifically and socially outdated 7th century bigotry. But they still have a vision, some roots they are capable of defending, and some meritocracy whose criteria may be pushed to evolve and that may lead to the evolution of a sensible civilization that will resemble the U.S. of the 1970s. It may happen in 10 years or 100 years or 1 million years, we don't know. Almost equivalently, a Taliban regime may return the society to the 7th century which is bad; however, with its exponentially escalating pathologies, the current progressives may easily undo the recent 20,000 years or 4 billion years of evolution. Because of the escalating insanity, the fundamentalist Islam has become a lesser evil next to the "progressivism" sometime in recent years.

But the "official U.S." as defined by its current government and the informal "leaders" of the public sector (like the super-aßholes in the Big Tech) doesn't want to preserve any roots whatsoever. It doesn't even have any metastable "current" values because the values and demands by the political correctness are getting different and more pathological literally every day. It doesn't respect any meritocracy. It is obsessed with lies about equality – it is increasingly elevating increasingly hopeless and disgusting trash of mankind into the "new elites", lying, self-serving, hypocritical people with no honor and lots of physical, intellectual, and moral defects are increasingly often sold as role models and new dictators. I think that the value of a Taliban fighter doesn't significantly surpass the value of a piece of cattle (if it surpasses it at all) but the value of most of those who led the U.S. to the defeat – think about the braindead scum that wants the soldiers to worship transsexuals and similar garbage that is getting modified every week – is even lower than that.

So although I don't have any real positive attachment to the Taliban which are against my values in most respects, they still agree at least with the "existence of some value" (and the desire for some kind of stability) which is some absolute core of the intersection that may exist and that does exist. The SJW filth doesn't agree even with that which is why it is right for the SJW filth to be defeated. A few years ago, I wouldn't make a similar statement but the situation has changed. All the people involved in the SJW decay were being given the benefit of the doubt a few years ago. But that's over now. Your cowardliness could have been considered a downward fluctuation in 2010 but if you still silently collaborate with the insanities as of 2021, including the Coronazi terror against the basic civil right, you have made a clear jump to the enemy side. The value of your life is zero.

I also view this defeat of the progressive U.S. to be a clear manifestation of the weakness of the whole SJW house of cards. When highly unsophisticated Islamic savages could defeat the U.S. this easily, I can assure you that our side that still adheres to the Western values – even if it were less than 10% of the population – will defeat the SJW-led rotten system even more easily than the Taliban did. On a sunny day in the future, all the gr@tins and Coronazis and multicultural activists and similar garbage in all the presidential palaces will be escaping like rats, just like the puppet government of Afghanistan is escaping today. Their power to censor and harass decent people on the Internet, to spread lies in 97% of the media 24 hours a day, to rig the elections, and to emotionally blackmail everybody will turn out to be 100% useless. All the pathetic collaborationists who have praised or who are praising the power of the Big Tech, SJWs, and all these disgusting losers will hopefully be deeply ashamed at least for one day of their dirty lives and grateful if we allow them to keep on living.

Congratulations, the Taliban warriors, but don't interpret my congratulations as a sign of more-than-minimal sympathies. Being higher creatures than the U.S. progressive isn't a terribly nontrivial achievement.

P.S.: I am afraid of the looming mass executions of the people who have been aligned with the West but I am not sure it will happen. Instead, I am cautiously optimistic that the Taliban-led Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (their sexy chosen name: they may be on a way to resemble Dubai in ten years LOL) will be much more pro-Western than most people expect. The Taliban folks must have found lots of previously non-existent wealth that was brought there during the two decades and I think that they will like it and they will even develop some gratitude, respect for that wealth, and maybe even respect for the mechanisms that made that wealth possible. And as you might expect from the main theme of this blog post, it seems conceivable to me that they will respect those mechanisms more than the "progressives" in the West do.

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