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Rise of authoritarian leftists makes the Euro-American alliance meaningless

The Anglosphere leads the ongoing decline of the West. Those of us who follow these shocking events every day are often uncertain whether the developments are more insane in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Relatively to these events, the deterioration in other countries may look mild (although the French "pass sanitaire" is as criminal as the counterparts in the Anglosphere and events in Luxembourg, Slovenia, or other small countries may sometimes be even crazier but they're overlooked due to the small size of such countries).

Both the European Union countries and the North American ones have seen the rise of increasingly unhinged extreme leftists in politics, culture, and business, aside from most of the other important places. Because these ideologies were strengthening on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, does it mean that these pathologies could at least produce better relationships between the countries and continents, a silver lining we could perhaps enjoy?

In recent days, it became clear that the answer is No. The U.S., the U.K., and Australia have completed their new AUKUS alliance which largely makes NATO irrelevant. AUKUS is meant to be a more assertive pact that wants to give China a harder time in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. This goal is sometimes denied, sometimes it is articulated almost explicitly. It seems clear to me that it is the "actual goal" that the would-be "insiders" are explained behind the scenes.

Because of the AUKUS deal, Australia has decided to import nuclear-powered, conventionally armed submarines from the U.S. This means that Australia has simply ignored its commitment resulting from a 2016 treaty with France: Australia should have imported diesel-powered, conventionally armed submarines from France (France is producing nuclear-powered submarines as well, as you should expect from this European peacefully nuclear superpower).

The project was worth staggering €56 billion, over 2% of the French GDP. You may imagine that lots of jobs are linked to this project. It's just an amazing violation of basic justice – a gigatheft, a monstrous felony at the level of continents – when Australia breaks this treaty. Australia is spreading fog that "it prefers its own national interests" and "it has been signaling for years that it could happen". OK, I don't think that either is a valid excuse and Australia is simply the bad guy here. Or maybe it is better to say that Australia is an evil puppet controlled by the bad guy, the U.S.

The economic shock is large enough so that the European Union has adopted this issue as its own and Mrs Leyen et al., the unelected apparatchiks at top of the European Union, rightfully accused Biden of disloyalty to allies. Note that France has recalled the ambassadors to Australia and America (for the first time in the history); the U.K. was omitted and Boris is spreading fog about the eternal Anglo-French friendship.

Will the tension evaporate? Should it? Is the tension "only" about some submarine project? What will the alliances look like in the future? It seems obvious that the Anglosphere has some more biological reasons to cooperate more closely. They speak the same language and they really evolve similarly. So much for their hypocritical comments about multiculturalism. France is losing not only a huge order for its defense industry; it is also being expelled from the "relevant Western coalition" in the Indo-Pacific region where it has huge interests and 2 million of "its people".

The globalist SJW-friendly leftists "could" feel the urge to establish some extra international alliance but they don't. It is logical that they don't, if you look at the big picture. They really like authoritarianism, abolition of freedom and other Western values, and all of these individuals are spineless immoral self-serving jerks. The problem is that the existence of such people and ideas isn't confined to Europe and America. When it comes to the desired social system, their dreams are not too different from those in the communist China. An ideologically motivated coalition is really meaningless because both the EU and U.S. leaders are approximately equally close to the Chinese leaders as they are to each other. Moreover, all their "nice" comments about the equality of humans and peoples are just an obnoxious, hypocritical theater. They don't mean it. And the braindead ideologues who formally drove Bidens, Trudeaux, and similar scumbags to power probably prefer Arabs and blacks over typical Americans, Europeans, or Chinese, anyway. So no people who are close to power in North America and the EU today have any real reasons to nurture the alliance.

So what is actually starting to play an important role are the old-fashioned genes, language, and cultural links. Czechoslovakia was betrayed by its formal ally, France, and her ally, Britain, in late 1938. France may clearly be a victim of a similar betrayal, too. During the Second World War, Czechs and Slovaks had to find out that despite the Bolshevik regime that a majority of Czechs and Slovaks despised, the Russians were ultimately more willing to fight on our behalf. Stalin sacrificed 100,000 soldiers in the operation to liberate Czechoslovakia; quite some amount of blood to push us into a friendship with the totalitarian empire. While the U.S. and Belgian soldiers liberated the Western 10% of Czechoslovakia or so (including my hometown), only some 1,000 Western soldiers died during such operations. The intensity of fighting against Germans was weaker at least by one order of magnitude.

It's sad but unless the Americans return their country to the ideologically Western world, there is nothing that truly links people like me in nations like mine to (present) America (not to be confused with the good old America that has been dying for a decade and that may have completely gone when Trump was removed from the White House through the rigged 2020 elections). They are neither our intimate cultural relatives; nor people who appreciate similar political values. AUKUS doesn't seem like a coalition I would support; it looks like a bunch of English-speaking aßholes and I am sure that in many situations and maybe even in the big picture, I would prefer to stand on the side of China which largely looks like an innocent victim. NATO is destined to become irrelevant in these conditions. I find it obvious that instead of this shaky, meaningless, and unreliable alliance with the Biden-style America that is always eager to betray us and to šit on its written commitments, we (and this includes both the SJW-brainwashed Western European nations as well as nations like mine that still sort of preserve the European values) must rely on some relationships with others, obviously including Russia and China. Russia's and China's words about the "respect to the European nations' sovereignty" may end up being more reliable than the Biden-style American ones even though none of these blocs may "really" be relied upon.

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