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Another blatant lie by Adam Vojtěch and other covidists

Czech ex-president Václav Klaus for

At the beginning of the last week of October 2021, a new "breakthrough" thesis on the covid epidemic hit our media – the Minister of Health and some other "experts" are beginning to coin the term "epidemic of the unvaccinated". In a year and a half we have become used to all sorts of nonsense, but this is something else.

In the Australian monthly Quadrant just today I read Peter Smith's article on "covid statistics". It's amazing how identical the methods of creating untruths are in the Czech Republic and Australia, in Europe and amongst the antipodeans. Peter Smith therefore rightly begins with the sentence "statistics should be kept out of bounds to non-statisticians; most particularly, right now, to medical researchers and epidemiologists". And he gives a number of examples. I could copy that, it's not similar, it's exactly the same.

The game painting the vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens as opposing teams is one example. Let's look at the data on the evolution of covid last week. I was intrigued that according to this source, 30 unvaccinated and 30 vaccinated (plus one half-vaccinated) died in the Czech Republic in connection with covid in one week. Does this mean that there is an epidemic of unvaccinated people? Is anything really allowed to be said? If these numbers are information about anything, it's that vaccination doesn't help much. (But statisticians know that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are representatives of very different population groups and that no "big" conclusions should be drawn.)

In personal correspondence, Michal Semín, based on material from the Institute of Public Health, has noted that on Tuesday 26 October 2021 there were 606 unvaccinated people in hospitals – "with covid" – while 447 were vaccinated, so it is 57% : 43%. Is that a big enough difference? Does it mean that only the unvaccinated are in hospitals?

The huge differences between hospitals are also interesting. For example, in the district hospital in Frýdek-Místek there are 22 unvaccinated and 26 vaccinated patients, in the General University Hospital in Prague there are 5 unvaccinated and 14 vaccinated patients, in the University Hospital in Brno there are 34 unvaccinated and 30 vaccinated patients, and in Olomouc the ratio is 11:10. Whatever we may think of these randomly selected figures, we can by no means speak of an epidemic of the unvaccinated.

Note that – unlike other diseases – it is not examined whether and how people were treated. The only criterion is vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, which is a complete insult to the medical profession. We have been pointing out from the beginning that the ideologues of covid and covidism are not interested in cures, but only in vaccination, in inocculation. However, it has always been normal to cure a disease; it is abnormal to try to "cure", eliminate, eliminate a disease – with untested vaccines.

If Dr Miloslav Ludvík, the director of our largest hospital – FN Motol – says that they have enough drugs for covid, but that they are not used, isn't that completely absurd?

What happens in the real world is always and in every case influenced by ideas and interests. Is the shift from cures to vaccinations caused by faulty medical theory (i.e. ideas) or by well-motivated interests of doctors on the one hand and pharmaceutical companies on the other? Treatment is laborious and lengthy, vaccination is easy and quick. This gives a very clear instruction to any rational person – we better vaccinate (and not even look at the patient). How many people who test positive (and thus are automatically "accused" of having covid) have never been seen by any doctor? I know personally many cases of so-called covid patients who have never met a doctor.

The motivation of individual doctors – or behavior at the micro-level – is quite understandable. The macro motivation of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical companies – the hospitals – is something else. For the latter, the financial effects are quite clear (insurance company payments per ICU bed are much higher) and the natural motivation to increase profits explains everything. Each individual physician is a micro-entity, but physicians as a whole are a macro-entity with quite specific behaviour. There, the interest to vaccinate dominates.

I've been writing (and we have been writing) about this for a year and a half. Today's singling out the unvaccinated and blaming them for the epidemic is a new quality. It demonstrates a new level of courage to fool the citizenry.

Václav Klaus,, 27 October 2021

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