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Aspects of a deleted Twitter account

Two hours ago, TRF commenter gnail was the first source that informed me that my Twitter account "lumidek" was finally deleted. It was created in 2012 and had some 2670 followers during the final moments. Of course it would have had much more, by orders of magnitude, if Twitter weren't running a massive campaign to suppress and/or delete right-wing accounts.

I believe that the tweet quoted as an excuse for the deletion was a response to this distasteful tweet encouraging violence against Czechs because they are Czechs (a white nation that hasn't started to apologize for its existence). Of course this is not the "main" activity or topic that my account was used for; but I pointed out that BLM thugs that are responsible for similar violence belong to jails or should be punished even more harshly (the injury in the English soccer league could have been a coincidence; but injuries caused by this particular Twitter user, if any, are almost certainly not coincidental). It is a fact and you can't change it by the deletion of an account. Of course, Twitter stands on the side of the racially motivated violence and on the side of terrorism and fundamentalism.

Needless to say, I could have been banned for dozens of other reasons (true observations about Covid-19 were more likely these days). The Twitter moderation tools have been completely hijacked by nasty, dishonest creatures that are wrong about absolutely everything and that are crippling the civilization and decent individual people at every single level.

Well, I've had a genuine guilty conscience for a year or more. So many people with a spine have seen their Twitter accounts deleted and mine was still around. I had to be similar to the crooked collaborationist pieces of šit that I despise so much, right? The deletion of Twitter (and other Silicon Valley) accounts has morphed to such a routine event that it became utterly meaningless to remember all the people who became a victim of this Stalinist campaign.

Donald Trump (@realdonaldtrump) was clearly the most influential victim whose Twitter (and Facebook etc.) account was liquidated – and he is suing Twitter now, good luck with that. His alleged leading role in the voters' January 2021 excursion to their Congress in the wake of the rigged 2020 elections (a visit framed as a "riot" by the nearly omnipresent far left psychopaths) was used as a justification. You know, I am old enough to remember the times when Silicon Valley didn't act in this full-blown Stalinist way. When was it? Think about it. You know, the first major deletions started in September 2018 when Alex Jones' account was demolished by the rogue and stinky Twitter moderators. It is just three years ago!

Note that after 1945, it took 3 years for the Czechoslovak communists to complete their (initially "gradual") coup and abruptly acquire the complete control over the country (through the "Victorious February" in 1948, as they called it).

The Western societies and the Internet have moved so incredibly quickly to the left in the recent three years! Sometimes users like me were told by fellow conservatives that it was immoral to create accounts with these companies, like Twitter, because they were always a part of this massive global left-wing conspiracy. I understand why someone who only sees the present might say such a thing. But imagine that you know at least something about the history. In that case, you must ask: Oh, really? As the date above shows, it wasn't obvious at all up to September 2018 or so. I've been using tons of these services for many years when they behaved basically correctly. And in fact, I think that in relationships to the users, Microsoft still behaves as a proper neutral for-profit company (despite the founder Bill Gates' lunacy). If and when Microsoft started to behave like Twitter, we could be in real trouble.

These days, it is considered common sense by many that Alex Jones cannot operate through Twitter (and other servers), a "far left server". I will never find it common sense. This kind of censorship was unacceptable in 2018 and it will remain unacceptable in 2021 and in the future, too. Of course, as predicted by those repeating the meme "first they came for the Jews", Alex Jones wasn't the last banned account. The list is extremely long by now, even among very well-known people. Kate Hopkins got deleted in June 2020, Donald Trump in January 2021, Alex Berenson in August 2021, and there were dozens of accounts that I had followed that were banned sometime during the recent 3 years.

A frequently asked question has been whether I would switch to Telegram or create a secret Twitter account, and so on. The answer is No. I am not a troll who is obsessively advertising himself everywhere. Instead, I've been doing a highly valuable work at Twitter and it took some energy. With the positive impact reduced by additional orders of magnitude, the cost-and-benefit analysis leads to a clear result. It is a waste of time. It doesn't matter whether we talk about new Twitter accounts – that are likely to be deleted very soon, anyway – or smaller platforms – that are guaranteed to remain small (or they will be destroyed soon) by the cartels manipulated by hardcore leftists in the Silicon Valley.

The transformation of the neutral Internet services to tools of the globalist far left movement may have been unavoidable, in which case I should apologize for not having seen it as recently as a few years ago. I still don't see how it was unavoidable. Why? It was never in the interest of real, for-profit Internet services to antagonize a significant fraction of the nations (defined politically) because that deletion or removal of a large community from the service reduces the profits. These days, companies like Twitter are doing these things because the conventional profit considerations (with the profit earned in the legitimate old-fashioned ways) have been surpassed by something (currently) more powerful. Capitalism has de facto ended in the Silicon Valley. These are no longer real capitalist companies ultimately controlled by profit-seeking shareholders. They are mechanisms whose decision making is controlled by the thinking how to align themselves with the totalitarian political regime. That alignment can bring many people and companies a greater profit than consensual contracts in the free markets! If you use the term "free market" for this situation, you must use it for Stalin's Soviet Union, too. Whether or not we downgrade the term "free market" to a tautology, what was happening in the Soviet Union and what is happening in the Silicon Valley now is still deeply pathological and evil.

Someone may have also proposed that users like me should have adapted to the extreme left-wing control and suppress a certain kind of tweets. I am sorry but whoever does such a thing is becoming a part of the problem, a portion of a sleazy collaborationist pile of dishonest left-wing šit. I would never do such a thing. With the recent Stalinist transformation of Twitter, the life expectancy of my account had dropped and it was simply a fact. What I have been writing was the pure truth, as I could get it at every moment, and if I were pushed to write something else or omit something important, I would have been compromised, too. If you are getting adapted by these illegitimate Twitter pressures, I despise you. You are trash. At any rate, I have deep hardware moral mechanisms that make me unable to act in this way.

Like universities, the world of these platforms is simply almost completely corrupt by now. Nothing related to politics or the society or the ideologically loaded scientific questions that are pushed by these platforms is right or acceptable (and the deformation is quickly expanding to additional, formerly "apolitical", topics as well) and the chance to transform them into something better by a "small fight at the bottom" is infinitesimal. Universities have become similarly corrupt and if you are still affiliated with one, the probability is very high that it is because you are a deeply immoral person. Very different methods to defeat the pure evil must be designed and followed.

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