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Death, injury caused by Baldwin were hardly unexplainable miraculous flukes

A tragedy occurred during the shooting of Rust, a Western film. Alec Baldwin stars as a famous criminal Harland Rust who learns that his grandon was accused of an accidental murder. Meanwhile, the actor also accidentally shot at Halyna Hutchins, the chief of photography, and Joel Souza, the film director. He killed the woman and injured the man. Condolences to Hutchins' family, starting with husband Matthew Hutchins and her son Andros.

Hutchins was born in Ukraine and grew at a Soviet Arctic military base between reindeer and submarines. An impressive background for someone who later became a rising star in the U.S. film industry.

All the media are telling us that it had to be a coincidence and the death was caused by something that they call a prop gun. If you click, you will be reminded that prop guns (guns used by artists) should be either replicas or modified pieces so that they are safe. In rare cases when real guns are used, real cartridges must be avoided but even with these arrangements, the firearms are dangerously charged. Prop master is the person who should be responsible for the safety of prop guns.

Clearly, at least the prop master failed in his job (assuming there exists a prop master at all). Or there was an intent, not necessarily the obvious one. I think that a gun that has caused one death plus one injury just shouldn't have been called a prop gun – and it shouldn't be called a prop gun now. It is clearly a real gun that has caused at least one death. Like the Czech film director and producer Marhoul and so many others, I just completely fail to understand how a real loaded gun with live ammo could have gotten to the set.

There are many layers of possible explanations, from an unlikely coordinated ensemble of major examples of negligence; to negligence that was considered a useful thing by someone who wanted to push the things to the limit; to a straight intent of the actor or someone else at the place, or maybe intent of two or more people who cooperated. America has been getting completely insane, especially in the recent 2 years, and we're seeing so many examples of the removal of basic structures that define a civilized society. Police is openly attacked, the "media" which are no longer composed of real journalists are openly praising self-evident terrorist organizations such as BLM (or XR, for that matter), and what a surprise, a totally functional gun that has already caused at least one death is still called a "prop gun". When the "media" present all these lies all the time, they become the truth for millions, don't they?

I believe that this wouldn't happen in the Czech movie industry. We have very tolerant gun laws and an armed citizenry is a part of our national DNA (like the American and Swiss one) but the guns still come with some conditions and the gun licenses require similar tests and conditions as the driving licenses: the empty criminal record, tests of the theoretical knowledge, tests of the practical skills, and a confirmation of health, especially robust psychological health. I find it likely that someone like Baldwin couldn't have gone through the psychological tests, after all the things he has shown in his unfunny and clearly pathologically hateful imitations of Donald Trump, among other things (his mental health has surely been described in unflattering terms often and it wasn't always an exaggeration; I genuinely believe that lots of people who were said to "suffer from TDS" are truly psychiatrically ill and it is no insult). It doesn't mean that I claim he is an indisputable psychiatric patient. But the gun licenses require more than just "not being a full-blown psychiatric patient".

The atmosphere in the U.S. has been twisted so much (and turned upside down) that the probability is actually higher, and not lower, that someone like Alec Baldwin gets a real gun with live ammo in his hands. And yes, I find it somewhat worrisome that the victim was Soviet-born while Baldwin has been a major fanatical peddler of those unhinged Russia-Trump conspiracy theories. The injured person, Souza, happens to have the same surname as the great conservative pundit Dinesh Souza. Are they relatives? I would have been afraid of working with an armed Baldwin if I were Slavic or if I had the same name as a famous conservative (yes, I belong to the intersection of both sets). In fact, I am even slightly afraid of saying that I would be afraid.

Also, the fact that not just 1 person but 2 people were harmed makes it even more bizarre. It reminds me of the joke about the burned ear. Alec, why is your left ear burned? Well, I was ironing and heard a phone ring. So I put the iron to my ear and it got burned. And what about the other ear, Alec? I was also calling an ambulance... It seems similar here. If both people were harmed by 1 bullet, it had to be a truly powerful weapon that didn't deserve to be considered a prop gun at all. If he shot twice, why didn't he stop shooting after he harmed one person? After he pulled the trigger once, there had to be quite some immediate signal that he did something wrong, I think.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are circulating in such a movie. Many of the people on the set are important, rich, and surely have to be protected by lots of rules and mechanisms. It happened, anyway. As Marhoul asked, why was there live ammo there at all? He has never heard of live ammo in the movie industry. And why was it put in the gun? How could it have circumvented the checks? And what was the motive behind the loading of the gun? There have to be (or at least, there surely should be) tons of records what happened with the gun and the bullets at every moment. Will we get a coherent explanation how it could have happened? I have some doubts. Just like the system has been damaged so that similar things may happen now, the reactions to such deaths are also less functional and lots of people may get away with "nothing to be seen here".

Marhoul says that he believes that one of the two explanations are true. Either the prop master failed to distinguish blanks from live bullets and loaded the gun with the latter; several other people had to err, too. The second option is that Alec Baldwin – probably because he is considered so special and having extra rights – was allowed to play with the gun and with the real ammunition and he forgot that his playing should be safely ended at some moment.

Like many pro-gun U.S. conservatives, Marhoul reminds us of the three basic rules of ANY manipulation with firearms that he is repeating to everybody who gets close to guns in any way. First, ALWAYS assume that the gun is loaded, at all times. Second, never aim at ANYTHING that you don't really want to shoot at. Third, NEVER place your fingers on the trigger before you are decided what you want to shoot at, and before you are determined to shoot. It seems very clear that Baldwin either shot intentionally; or he has violated at least 2 of these 3 rules.

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