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Czech crown billionaire-mathematician becomes an unlikely hero of anti-Coronazi resistance

A decade ago, billionaire Andrej Babiš created a movement that turned him into a top Czech government politician for many years. The era will end next month. His ANO (=YES) movement was originally all about "his fight against corruption" and populist claims that corruption was omnipresent. One of the folks who were indirectly helping him was another rich dude, Karel Janeček (net worth: $150 mil), who was born a few months before me and who is also an alumnus of the Math-Phys Dpt of the Charles University. (I say indirectly which means "by provoking the anti-corruption hysteria"; Janeček hasn't ever directly worked for Babiš.)

Janeček previously became rich through some clever playing in Las Vegas (first million); and especially through algorithmic trading. He was capable of greatly extending the initial capital from his business partner Václav Dejčmar (who earned some millions from the early Czech Facebooks of the 1990s). Both are philanthropists and sponsors of science, among other things. I have known VD in person, much more than KJ, already from some discussion servers in the mid 1990s. I have met Janeček as well, in the case of KJ only during a dinner in their Field Restaurant in Prague (which just defended its Michelin star; the chef is Radim Kašpárek; it is located in the restaurant with many clocks in Best Offer, a movie).

VD has always looked much more pro-freedom to me than KJ; after all, the instinctive fight against the (often non-existent) corruption is mainly an algorithm to establish the police state. I have never shared this hysteria. Corruption is generally bad but sometimes it may also be good for the whole. Lots of public servants who get rich somewhat illegitimately are still doing a better service for their community than the amount that they suck out of the contracts.

But surprises occur and the Covid era has brought us some of them, too. So Janeček (who has also been a darling of the tabloid media because of his diverse polygamous relationships; he is going through a possibly temporary monogamous epoch now) turned out to be anti-lockdown (and basically anti-vaxx, like myself) while Dejčmar evolved into a hardcore pro-lockdown fanatic. For an ex-libertarian of some sort, the fanaticism displayed by Dejčmar is rather breathtaking.

So he has been parroting the insane fear porn involving freezers with corpses in every street and similar stuff; and he has even written an anti-obituary about the wealthiest Czech Petr Kellner because Kellner wasn't sufficiently hysterical about Covid and even dared to go to an Alaska vaccation, thus escaping from his duty to whine about the virus on his aß in Czechia (at least that is how I understood VD's logic). Dejčmar has repeatedly praised some of the most notorious Coronazi demagogues and liars in the country.

On the other hand, the transformation of Janeček into the ultimate freedom warrior is arguably even more spectacular. In Czechia, we had the public poll designed to pick the best singer, the Golden Nightingale (recently the Czech Nightingale). Karel Gott has won that contest more than 40 times! ;-) The contest didn't exist in 2018-2020 (although Janeček was thinking about preserving it already in 2018) but after the 3 contest-free years, Janeček bought this enterprise and everything worked very well.

So the program on TV Nova was watched by incredible 1.3 million viewers (the population of Czechia is 10.7 million) while over 200,000 people have voted. A PR big shot Jakub Horák (whom I have also spoken with, during a talk of mine about black holes) helped to create the program, including the parody of the Orwellian "1984" ad by Apple (which was released in 1984, indeed), see the video at the top. You may see that Janeček has modestly presented himself as a superhero (having used the video sequences from a parachuting experience; I have only tried a jump-tandem) who helped to restore freedom. Let us never allow singing to be banned again, the superhero with the Thor hammer insists.

(Marek Ztracený was the main winner of the contest; Ewa Farna won as a woman, Mirai as a band. Ztracený is alright but I don't really think he is in Gott's category.)

More explosively, Janeček has used his partnership with the competition to provide the viewers with a brave monologue (which had a slight esoteric flavor; Janeček actually is into esoteric stuff but it is not the main topic here). In two minutes, he pointed out that the Covid restrictions have hugely damaged the Czech culture, a problem he is trying to fix; he encouraged the Czech nation to remain united; not to succumb to Covid lies and manipulations; never shut down schools again because they are so important for the future of our nation; and to protect the kids against the dangerous vaccination which brings virtually no benefits for them.

It has been praised by millions of people like me. But as you know, Coronazism – with its abolition of basic freedoms and civil rights, segregation, useless vaccination coercion, mandates, lockdowns, other social engineering programs that do nothing good for the people's health, and propaganda with the only allowed truth which is almost always a perfect lie – has become a mandatory part of the political correctness. In the most universal sense, the worshiping of the Fauci Cold Virus has become the most mandatory part of the political correctness. If you don't worship that virus and the totally useless, devastating policies that many nations have adopted to "fight" the virus as if we were in a state of war, you may be even more canceled than if you oppose feminism, climate alarmism, anti-white racism, or similar lies and stupidities. Everyone has to agree with the increasing demolition of freedoms, increasingly strict mandates etc., these "people" seem to believe.

So you may imagine that he immediately became a target of lynching. Nasty people at TV Nova have immediately denounced his speech and they promised to hire lawyers to make sure that an inconvenient truth will never appear in a program that is prepared by third parties. This is clearly an illegitimate wealth-ruining attack against a business partner of TV Nova. When did the Czechs (and even the very owners of programs) lose their right to discuss politics on TV screens? What the aßholes in TV Nova say is absolutely shocking and as far as I can say, these filthy aßholes have absolutely no right to speak on behalf of TV Nova because shareholders would have to approve such a serious intervention into the basic rules such as the rule that political opinions are allowed in TV programs, something that pretty directly follows from the constitutional law. (In recent 8 years, every other program on every TV channel said something bad about President Zeman or PM Babiš so the ban on politics obviously doesn't apply to all speakers and all political opinions.) On top of that, the public health Gestapo officials have decided that some viewers didn't have respirators when the program was shot and they want to harass Janeček and his contest and cause a substantial financial loss to him. (And I don't even want to discuss nasty attacks against Janeček by generous, highly impolite, Coronazi trolls on the Internet.)

Because so many people were doing just fine without respirators (most prominently, all the Spolu and other politicians who celebrated the results of the recent Parliamentary elections in their headquarters), it is spectacularly clear that this activity by the public health officials is a purely politically motivated sabotage by these rogue officials against Janeček as a generous philanthropist and against a popular contest which was motivated by their desire to preserve the insane powers that the fear porn started in early 2020 has brought them. They only apply these powers against the targets that they want to harm, not against everyone. These criminals are abusing their power and their jobs every single day and they need to be punished by the most severe punishments that our legal system offers.

Meanwhile, some people who appreciate Janeček's brave and wise monologue bring some warning to Janeček. Lubomír Volný, the chairman of a pro-freedom nationalist party (which didn't get to the Parliament), has pointed out that the Corporate Mafia is upset and he discouraged Janeček from flying in helicopters (many of us have some suspicion left that Petr Kellner's death didn't have to be an accident; after all, I saw a tweet that encouraged comrades to collect $7000 for a heliskiing vacation for Janeček in order to kill him, too).

We have already entered the situation as of 1939 or 1940. These hardcore Coronazis believe that the mere existence of the Fauci Cold Virus gives them the right to do literally anything and everything to anyone and everyone. They must be stopped and if they cannot be stopped without rifles, they must be stopped otherwise.

And that's the memo.

P.S.: Shockingly enough, the "Neuron" Science Foundation that Janeček has founded has denounced him and cut the ties (not sure whether they have another sponsor). I have been warning Dejčmar (who is also affiliated) that really bad people (who were about something very different than good science) were conquering the foundation. At least he didn't care. I should have spoken to Janeček instead.

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