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Explosion of athletes' cardiovascular episodes is way above 5 sigma now

There are lots of people who have been trained to repeat the incredible lies about the safety of the Covid vaccines. The VAERS system in the U.S. has collected more complaints about the Covid vaccines than it has collected against all other vaccines in recent decades and it is similar in Europe.

Whoever wishes to look into the real world is seeing an incredible number of cardiovascular and neurological problems that follow the vaccination. Jiřina Bohdalová (90), Czechia's most celebrated female comedian, had huge problems after her "booster" jab.

But it is mainly the young people – and a great majority of them are young men – who display the serious cardiovascular symptoms that haven't been seen in the recorded history. Even when one restricts his attention to top-level professional athletes, the number of such sad events is already so high that it simply cannot be a statistical fluke.

Christian Eriksen is a Danish soccer player (and a player of Inter Milan, an Italian team) that had a cardiac arrest during Euro 2020 (played in 2021). I was described as the main propagator of the "fake news" that he had been vaccinated and it was the cause of the cardiac arrest. And there have been some confusions about my sources, who said what, which group of players had to be vaccinated on Day X or Y etc. But when it comes to the main question, whether he was vaccinated, the cardiac arrest still makes it extremely likely that the answer is Yes. It is almost certainly "them", and not me, who is spreading fake news about the key question here.

Eriksen had to receive a special heart device and his career was banned by his doctors at least for a year.

Half a year ago, Eriksen's symptoms were once-in-a-decade symptoms (Fabrice Muamba had something really comparable in 2012 and nothing afterwards) and it could have been legitimate to dismiss the event as a statistical fluke which is unrelated to the ongoing global vaccination campaign. But it is no longer the case because the number of athletes with similar symptoms in 2021 has become really, really large.

I wrote this blog post because I just saw the news that Boris Sadecký, a 24-year-old ice hockey player in the Bratislava Capitals, just died, 11 days after he collapsed on ice during a match in the Austrian league. Tragic. RIP.

Days earlier, Emil Pálsson (one of the 366,000 people in Iceland; Gunnar Palsson of Iceland was the boss of my housing unit at Rutgers; he married into a much warmer India LOL) collapsed during a match in Norway. A cardiac arrest.

Sergio Agüero (Barcelona) was a face of a Catalan pro-vaccination campaign (against Covid). On Saturday, he was moved from a stadium directly to a hospital with "chest discomfort" and yesterday, he was ruled out for 3 months. Of course Barcelona did vaccinate its players and staff, something that you may expect almost everywhere now.

Four names could be too few for you. I can't tell you a fifth one, can I? Of course I can. Raphael Dwamena (Ghana) collapsed on the stadium in Austria a week ago, too. I saw some additional Slovak names. The list is almost certainly very far from complete. But if you focus just on the "TV-recorded" matches where athletes collapse on live TV, you must see that the excess is huge and incompatible with the explanation using a statistical fluke. No athlete of this kind has really died of Covid. If your mental and observational skills are nonzero, you must know that the vaccine is vastly more dangerous than Covid for this set of people (and most other cohorts). This comparison is getting even more extreme because by accepting the vaccine, you are 100% certain to undergo the vaccine risks. On the other hand, you are much less than 100% likely to undergo Covid from now on – a majority of the people have the natural immunity by now.

One month ago, Jake Kazmarek (28), a bodybuilder, died 4 days after a Covid vaccination (Moderna). That is the sixth athlete in my list. The seventh one is the first female example, a Palermo, Italy soccer player Vittorii Campo (23). Her brother Alessandro Campo (25) died under the same cardiovascular circumstances two months ago (I don't count him as a top athlete here).

It is incredible that the dangerous liars who spread the fake news that the vaccines are safe have conquered much of the power and they are even capable of harassing the people who say the truth. Of course it should be the other way around. When this mass psychosis is really over, we need to go after the necks of the corrupt pro-vaxx criminals.

And that's the memo.

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