Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Prime Minister Babiš's performance in Glasgow deserves praise and support

By Ivo Strejček

Against the backdrop of skyrocketing electricity, gas and fuel prices, the causes of which must be sought solely in irrational policies of "climate protection", the Green Deal and, as a consequence, the rapid increase in the price of emission allowances, yet another conference on the "apocalypse" is being held in Glasgow, which fails to perceive these problems of "ordinary" people. It is attended by – a whopping – 25,000 politicians, members of their entourages, environmental activists, eco-non-governmental organisations, militant "planet" campaigners, progressives of all kinds, snobs and delegations from "green" industry and multinational industrial giants. They all understand that political and business investment in "climate" is "green" and that it pays to profit from stirring up "fear for the planet".

So, on the one hand, opportunistic politicians frightened of the loud shouters led by Greta and her Fridays for Future and fabulously wealthy "green" business gathered in Glasgow. On the other hand, outside Glasgow, ordinary consumers are left completely abandoned, not believing their eyes about what is happening to their energy bills because they are those who are paying for the "Gretesque" bluster. Natural care for the environment is not the issue, a new social order is being created in Glasgow through that "fear for the planet".

It is not about the future fate of normal people. German Chancellor Merkel continues to promise that "we will raise the price of carbon emissions to achieve climate neutrality by 2050", French President Macron calls for higher taxation on industrial firms, British Prime Minister Johnson proclaims the incredible "we are one minute away from disaster" and India apologises that "climate neutrality will not be achieved there until 2070". But even this political pandering is not enough for Greta and similar zealots, who cry out in the Scottish capital that they are "fed up with politicians pretending to do something ... because the future, that's us".

In the tense atmosphere of climate-religious chiliasm, where rational opinions are in short supply, Czech Prime Minister Babiš spoke out. He apparently scared the delegates with his views that "the European Commission is putting forward dangerous proposals", that "the price of emission allowances is out of control", that "the Green Deal may bring huge social, economic, political and geopolitical costs. Costs that could cause enormous tensions in society and among allies, open the door to radicals and threaten our democracy". The Czech Prime Minister's bold and decisive speech thus dramatically broke out of the drab and devotional framework of the conference. Babiš's defence of Czech nuclear power as the only rational source of energy for the Czech Republic contrasted sharply with the pandering political eco-statements of, for example, the (in the Czech media) much-hyped Slovak President Čaputová.

It is almost certain that in the Glasgow cacophony of green religion, Babiš's voice will be ignored. However, we in the Czech Republic should not only thank the Prime Minister for his brave words this time, we should support him. He deserves it! In a forum that is extremely hostile to such views, the Prime Minister has tried to stand up for the Czech interest – and we should appreciate that. Never mind that Andrej Babiš has already left for the opposition. On the contrary, he has set the bar very high for the future Prime Minister Fiala and the ministers of his government to defend Czech interests in the EU this time.

Ivo Strejček, Václav Klaus Institute, 3 November 2021

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