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Responding to a bunch of Coronazi demagogies

I just saw a very disappointing article written by a person whom I believed to know better. Except for the disappointment, it doesn't seem to matter who wrote it because the fans of Covid fascism seem to parrot the lies (and all the blackmail and insults) they heard from their comrades virtually verbatim. The title says

Everyone has the right to have his opinions but not his facts.
This slogan is not new, it has been popular among the extreme leftists for many years. The problem is that people don't agree what are "facts", either. Another problem is that almost all the "facts" spread by the Covid fascists are lies; and it is mostly the opponents of Covid fascism who mostly (but not always) reproduce the actual facts in their reality. At any rate, people have often disagreed what were the facts and this is why civilized societies of the democratic type have always allowed the freedom of thought and therefore "many possible truths". The truth is the first casualty of war, in this case a war that the Covid fascists wage on the not too harmful virus and especially on everyone who doesn't worship that virus. Covid demagogues suddenly think that they have the right to impose their "truth" on everyone else, including people who know vastly more about viruses than they do.

The author continues:
In the epoch when 100 Czechs die of Covid every day, I am incredibly amazed by the infantile character of the discussion.
I am sorry but this is an example of a "fact" that is a profound lie, the same kind of lie that the Covid demagogues emit in pretty much every sentence. Roughly 1/2 of the ~100 Covid deaths a day (and maybe a majority) are not deaths from Covid. They are just deaths with Covid. It is easy to see why. Check the percentages of the positive tests at the Czech Covid statistics page. Yesterday, we had 44%, 23%, 13% of the diagnostic tests (people with symptoms), epidemiologic tests (tracing), and preventive (people at risk due to other sicknesses) PCR tests in the positive category. It means that at least 13% of the 300 deaths-from-non-Covid everyday, at least 40 people, were actually not from Covid. Of course it could be that the right percentage "X% of 300" could be higher than 13% because hospital patients, the most important category that dies, are really "in contact" with someone who is PCR positive because the disease is widespread in hospitals. I think it is likely that dozens are dying from Covid every day and it's a temporary major source of deaths but "100 deaths from Covid" is a lie at this moment and the implicit attribution of these deaths to innocent people who just don't share the Covid hysteria is a dishonest attack of criminal proportions.

The next sentence:
For example (of the childish discourse), the opinion that "freedom is the right to do anything with my body".
I am sorry but freedom does include the freedom to do anything with my body and especially to reject medical procedures. It has always been the case. Freedom is much more than freedom from unwanted jabs. Freedom has many dimensions. But those who are willing to ignore the freedom to avoid jabs are fighters against freedom at the Nazi level because they are just steps away from praising things like the "mandatory euthanasia" that was done in Nazi Germany.
An adult person mustn't ever simplify freedom into such a shortcut.
On the contrary, a civilized adult person must never move by a millimeter when someone attacks even such totally basic freedoms and civil rights. Coercion into the vaccination by a new (and technologically new) vaccine against a disease that the potential recipient is not afraid of is clearly beyond all red lines one may talk about.
What about the freedom to be cured in a hospital that isn't full of Covid patients?
There is nothing such as a "freedom to be cured in a non-full hospital". Such a scenario is a proposed socialist entitlement, not a freedom. A person never has the "freedom" to live a luxurious life or have the best possible healthcare. Such things only occur in wealthy enough countries if some extra conditions are obeyed. The existence of freedom in a nation is the most important condition that may lead to a quality healthcare but the quality healthcare can never become a "freedom" or a "basic right". Freedom is always about the conditions but it may have various outcomes (the fact that the outcomes are not predetermined is really equivalent to the concept of freedom itself). Comfortable hospitals aren't a freedom; they are outcome of a good management of the healthcare industry in a wealthy enough society. People get some help from doctors because they pay (or someone pays for) their health insurance (obviously, smokers and non-smokers, vaxxed and unvaxxed, get the same treatment when they need it and when they pay the same). This right to be treated isn't absolute and is obviously limited by the capacities of the healthcare sector. Everyone with common sense knows that entitlements cannot be unconditioned or infinite (e.g. because hospitals don't have infinitely many doctors and beds, healthcare insurance companies don't have infinite amounts of money, and even if they were given unlimited funds from the government, the whole governments and countries will still collapse if they're under too huge pressure); too bad, Covid fascists have completely surrendered common sense.

On top of that, it is another complete lie that the Czech hospitals are full of Covid patients. Just look at the basic graphs. Nothing has been greatly changing for 3 weeks or so, 18-91 percent of beds of various types are available. There are some 23,000 hospital beds in Czechia and only 5600 are Covid-positive people. Using a similar argumentation as above, only ~1/2 of the latter, 2800 people or so, are in the hospital because of Covid, and that is just a bit over 10% of the Czech patients. Even if we use the figure 5600, it should be compared with 120,000 Czech healthcare workers. There are still over 20 healthcare workers for one Covid-positive person in a hospital (and most patients are just lying with a flu at almost all times). The idea that this generally ruins the whole healthcare system is an insane lie that only a complete moron with no knowledge of the basic numbers could seriously accept. During outbreaks, Covid has turned into a disease that is visible in the hospitals but it is not dominant now.

Similarly, there are 3000 ICU beds in Czechia, 800 are used by Covid-positive patients now but by the same argumentation, only some 400 are connected to ICUs because of Covid now, a bit over 10% of the beds. It is a complete business-as-usual and the currently ongoing Covid events are already less serious than the average full-blown flu epidemic. Sometimes doctors have less work, sometimes they have more work, this is true for almost every job.
Or the freedom to live normally (which is impossible in a country with less than 80% vaccination rate)?
Indeed, the freedom to live normally represents a very large percentage of the concept of "freedom". But the freedom to live normally isn't damaged by a flu-like virus let alone by the people who reject vaccination against Covid, for tons of extremely good (political and health) reasons. The freedom to live normally is being destroyed 100% totally by the Covid fascists, by the restrictions by those who have the right to impose them. The virus is overwhelmingly innocent and I must defend the virus when truly evil subjects try to blame the virus for something that they have caused.

The extra addition in the parentheses is just an admission that the author is such a Covid fascist. The condition that "people can't have ordinary life if the vaccination rate is below 80%" isn't a scientific fact. It is a description of the blackmail invented by Covid fascists. It is exactly equivalent to statements such as "Jews cannot live normally unless they are relocated to a concentration camp". A civilized nation simply mustn't allow this kind of blackmail and extra conditions to be added by a subset of citizens.

The author clearly tries to implicitly convey the message that the "80% threshold" is a scientific fact of some kind. But it is not a fact, it is another flabbergasting lie. First of all, the natural immunity caused by the recovery from Covid is a much more important source of immunity in all European nations than the immunity from vaccines (which are leaky and which don't really protect most people from getting the virus by now). Second of all, even if the vaccination were important and very useful, which it is not, there would be nothing special happening at 70% or 80%. These are just random figures that random Covid fascists pulled from their asses; they did it in order to exploit and manipulate gullible people and push the percentage towards 70% or 80% from below. Nothing changes when the vaccination rate switches from 79.9% to 80.1%; only breathtaking imbeciles expect some miracle to occur at the 80% level. It is obvious that with the disease with \(R_0\approx 10\) which describe the current delta subvariants, a 40% effective vaccine simply isn't enough for herd immunity even if the vaccination rate is exactly 100% (you would need a 90% efficacy). And in fact, this statement may be seen in real life. Gibraltar is 100% vaccinated but saw a big explosion of Covid cases in recent weeks.

The EU's highest vaccination rate is found in Portugal. Of course, the article explains that they saw a growth of the Covid cases, too.

All these would-be "scientific facts" that are being served by the Covid fascists are scientific lies of the very same character as the would-be "scientific" lies created by Nazis or communists, e.g. the "scientific fact" that societies needed to exterminate all Jews, that relativity had to be wrong because the author was Jewish, that the Germanic forehead indicated some permanent superiority, that genetics didn't work according to Mendel but according to Lysenko and you will get small cows with wholes in their ears if you perforate their ancestors' ears. It is tragic that some people already behave and speak exactly like the most arrogant Nazis did, they don't feel painful about it, and no one seems strong to stop this brutal fall into a new totalitarianism.
Unless one lives at an empty island, freedom is always a compromise resulting from the optimization of many interests that are often going against each other. No trivial definition of freedom exists and it will never exist.
On the contrary. Freedom is a very transparent, clear, and pristine value, only pro-totalitarian bastards try to muddy the waters and contaminate something that is as pure as freedom is (each of them is a little Goebbels arrogantly spitting on the most important foundation of the Western civization), and indeed, freedom primarily means that a human who wants to live as if he were alone on an island may live a life that looks like the life on an empty island (freedom from others, especially from the government). In contrast with the outrageous assertion above, freedom and "optimization compromises" are totally different things. Nazi Germany and the USSR saw the confrontation of many interests and the optimization of the powerful people's interests. But Nazi Germany and the USSR didn't have freedom. Whoever conflates freedom with the "optimization of many interests that are often going against each other" – the latter is basically a tautology, it is not too different from saying that "the laws of Nature operate" – has become a hardcore warrior against freedom, even in its most basic forms. Yes, I have instantly terminated a friendship when I was basically told that freedom is on par with the freedom to send people to Gulags for their opinions (a talking point that was almost identical to the brutal anti-freedom slander above).
Or "vaccination should protect the vaccinated ones, so it is up to each person's decision". But in the case of Covid, vaccination primarily defends others and the society, not just the vaccinated person.
It has always been true and it will always be true that vaccination, as long as it deserves the name, primarily protects the vaccinated person, and that is why they are getting vaccinated. If this logic doesn't hold, it mustn't be called vaccination. If someone is afraid of Covid even after vaccination (and indeed, vaccinated people keep on being more afraid of Covid than the unvaccinated people, even after 2 or 3 jabs! It's because the main difference is in the people's heads!), then the vaccination doesn't work, shouldn't be called vaccination, and it shouldn't really be allowed to be promoted at all. It is absolutely crazy that the vaccinated people act as if the vaccines work; but at the same moment, they are the main people who need to be protected from Covid. If the vaccines work a bit, it is clearly mostly the unvaccinated people who need a better protection from Covid (especially protection from the infected vaccinated people who can still spread the virus and it's been established that they spread the virus effectively).

Whenever vaccines work, we may also statistically quantify the effect of the vaccination on whole societies. But people simply must have the freedom not to be a part of such a "society" that mandates unnecessary and deeply controversial vaccination. There are tons of reasons why the people refuse the vaccine. I think that the first one is already political because vaccination has become the most readable policy through which the governments are enslaving millions of people today – and the speed at which the freedoms were evaporating in the recent 20 months was absolutely stunning. Second, people have all sorts of intolerance towards vaccination and risks. Third, there are universal well-known risks from these vaccines that affect the cardiovascular (and probably reproductive etc.) health. Fourth, there are unknown risks that may emerge after a few years and even this uncertainty, before any clearcut evidence emerges, is an extremely good reason not to join the ranks of the vaccinated people, especially if one belongs among cohorts with a tiny risk from Covid itself.
You must agree that no one knows who will be an asymptomatic superspreader. Only a child only sees itself. As Václav Havel summarized it: "Indifference to others and to evil is what opens the gate to evil."
Asymptomatic people are more likely to spread milder variants of the virus and when they do so, they may actually be beneficial for their environment because their contacts may basically get immunity safely. The least dangerous subvariants (and delta my 4.2 seems to be largely asymptomatic) may very well be a safer protection from serious Covid than the existing vaccines! But even if the scientific logic behind these asymptomatic superspreaders worked, it is still extremely important that citizens who look healthy must preserve their freedom to walk on the street and do other basic things. If a virus jumps from one person to another and it wasn't the donor's intent, then the donor is legally and morally innocent. It is just a legally and morally inconsequential coincidence that the person AB caught a virus from XY. This principle is really a cornerstone of any society that works, and if this cornerstone is abandoned, the society is doomed because in the new system, people will be responsible for things that they cannot really affect, and this hardcore "precautionary principle" would lead to the end of many vital activities.

The claim that the people who oppose vaccination are doing so because of their "egotism" is a pure disgusting propaganda. Indeed, Nazis were saying the exact same thing about the Jews, and communists about capitalists and others, and it was always the same kind of insulting and shocking garbage as it is now. There is nothing universally "more egotist" about the anti-vaxx people, especially in comparison with the people who really gain money and power by hyping these disgusting pro-vaccination campaigns. Many of the anti-vaxx and anti-lockdown people, like Karel Janeček, are really good examples of non-egotism because they save the important values in the society despite the personal risks that their attitude poses to them! I think that this picture of "non-egotist idealists" applies to a great majority of the publicly known defenders of freedom against lockdowns and vaccination mandates.

But even if the "power of an individual to save a fraction of some lives by getting vaccinated or by being restricted" existed to a significant extent (it doesn't), it would just be completely wrong to say that it implies that non-egotism in the society means that (all?) the people will get vaccinated or restricted. In reality, this claim only reflects the fact that the Covid fascists have become much more aggressive in promoting their own power and talking points over the society.

The exact opposite statement would be way more logical, however. If you are not egotist, you will forget about your personal health and small incremental changes of your probability to survive, especially if you have lived a nice 80-year-old life, and you will agree that you shouldn't be a huge burden for the society that forces millions of others to be locked or violently vaccinated. This is what true non-egotism that is actually beneficial for the society looks like! Why is it more beneficial for the society as a whole? Because the healthy and not-very-old people are more important for the future of the society than the old and/or ill!

Instead of inventing these increasingly polarized talking points, why don't we just agree with the conclusion that these were questions that have been discussed for centuries and Covid-19 is just business-as-usual that mustn't imply any new rules for the restrictions of the healthy and mandatory vaccination, or the access of the ill people to healthcare? Everyone has some risks, access to healthcare etc., but no one has the right to lock millions of other people at home or inject problematic substances into their bloodstream.

Incidentally, the Havel quote is also an example of foul play because he died a decade ago and there is no evidence in one way or another whether he would agree with the pro-vaxx or anti-vaxx people now. I can actually imagine that Havel would be anti-vaxx and against the "Havloids" today. His successor Klaus would surely disagree because he truly hated Havel for quite some time but I think that the people who like to borrow Havel's name and authority are much more hardcore fascist scum than Havel was! But yes, maybe I am trying to justify my fight for his becoming a president, my fight already began in 1988! ;-)
A culmination of the child-like arguments was the assertion that vaccination doesn't work because we reached new records in the number of positive PCR tests a day. In fact, Czechia is running an incredible experiment with the permeation-by-the-virus with a minimum of anti-pandemic restrictions which are mostly ignored, anyway.
Every statement here is just incredible garbage. First of all, the fact that in many countries even with near-100% vaccination rates (and we have a huge percentage), the number of "cases" keeps on growing is an indisputable proof that the vaccination doesn't really work much – and doesn't qualitatively change the course of the epidemic, if any – because an exponential growth in a wildly infected population is indeed the most basic thing that a vaccine must be capable of preventing. Only a complete lunatic may deny that this is a valid argument.

I may agree that in practice, Czechs are among the least fearful when it comes to Covid, and it indeed implies that we can occasionally get much faster rates of the growth, and I am proud about it because it is some "true evidence" that Czechs care about freedom more than almost all other nations do.

What is tendentious is the claim that it is an "experiment". The permeation by this virus is no experiment, it is a trivial consequence of the basic laws of Nature. Every infectious disease with \(R_0\approx 10\) in the absence of vaccines which are ~90% or more effective will undergo the permeation by the virus. This (permeation, promoření) is a fact, not a strategy, and you are not entitled to your own facts, as the title said. An experiment is a set of events that a person, the experimenter, has under control. But in the case of such a heavily contagious disease, it is clearly the virus that is in charge (you may also see that the virus just decided to hugely drop in Japan, for no reason that would make it more likely in Japan: the virus just isn't under the politicians' control, everyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot), so it is simply another lie to talk about the experiment. An incredible experiment is to try to force whole nations to deny the completely basic laws of Nature, their common sense, and to surrender their basic freedoms. It is an experiment on par (and probably beating) the dangerous experiments that were taking place in the previous totalitarian regimes.
Because we have very little protection... hospitals will be full in a few weeks.
The peak in the Czech hospitals actually took place some 2 weeks ago. We get more positive tests but they are people who were sick weeks ago and PCR is still recording the dead virion pieces on the mucuous membranes. Dr Beran explained these things in detail in a recent interview. It is pretty much clear that the hospital system won't be overfilled since the ongoing miniwave is vastly smaller, at the hospital level, than what the hospitals survived in the cold season 2020-2021. The constant predictions of the imminent doom (and freezers with corpses on every street) – which were always wrong and they will be wrong now, too – only have one purpose: to brainwash the gullible, scientifically illiterate part of the population and poison them with irrational fear. The only intent is to make the Covid fascists even more powerful (and rich) than they are today.
That will make people die from non-urgent non-Covid conditions, and then the lockdown will come. It will be too late. Bismarck said that only morons don't learn from their experiences. What kind of morons don't learn from their experience a year ago?
Like over 90% of the Czech people, I didn't have any really serious bad events caused by the virus itself a year ago. And most people didn't even have an unprecedentedly bad health situation in their whole family. On the other hand, almost everyone – except for bastards who are benefiting from this hysteria – has encountered bad consequences of the lockdowns and the attack on freedoms in general. All sensible people understand that we must really vigorously fight this insane new form of fascism now. Even if the fraction of the people who had a bad experience with the virus a year ago were much higher, it would still not imply that they should support lockdowns and vaccination because those don't perfectly eliminate the virus (even though lots of such implications were fraudulently promised by many) and because lockdowns and vaccination seem to have negative consequences that seem graver than the problems with the virus itself.

The new government has promised no additional lockdown, there seems to be absolutely no justification for a lockdown, all the hysterical scenarios above are lies, and if the new government violates its commitment, it will be a declaration of war on millions of people.
Pro-vaxx and anti-vaxx people are in a war know, it's due to tribalism. [Simplified.]
Except that it is only the pro-vaxx people who really act as a uniform mindless tribe, a herd of dumb sheep that has completely outsourced the thinking to their randomly chosen "heads" and that parrots all the insane, dangerous, toxic, insulting, and emotional garbage after each other. The anti-vaxx people are generally free individuals who keep on living their lives with their differences in opinions and lifestyles. I will skip a paragraph about cannibalism in Papua New Guinea because I am uncertain whether the Covid fascists plan to introduce cannibalism on top of the disgusting attacks on the people who are way smarter than the pro-vaxx sheep.

The author says that human contacts are important and one opinion is much less important. Of course, he says it because he wants the anti-vaxx people to buy his pro-vaxx and anti-freedom delusions. I won't. My contacts with such people are not this important. In fact, I think that even the lives of these Covid fascists are much less valuable than freedom in our society. The latter is really essential, they are not.

Human contacts have been greatly damaged which is bad but the Covid fascists are almost 100% responsible for this deterioration (well, someone like Fauci who released if not engineered the virus may also be said to be responsible for all the evil consequences). It is them who banned people from meeting in many ways, it is them who is turning a third of the population into the second-class citizens, it is them who wants the anti-vaxx people to be stripped of many additional basic rights and the human dignity (and to be fired from scientific jobs because they refuse to parrot the ideologically driven, anti-scientific lies that the author loves to promote as well). It is really sweet when hardcore evil fascists who have done all these things to ruin the relationship between billions of people talk about their care about the good relations in between the people!

The article also discusses this EU graph. Lower vaccination rates mean fewer Covid deaths. The main problem with the graph is that those "Covid deaths" are deaths with Covid and in the would-be "worst" countries, most of them are not from Covid. Their number is higher in the less vaxxed nation for a simple reason: almost all these nations demand PCR tests from the unvaccinated people, but not from the vaccinated people. So some unvaccinated people's deaths-not-caused-by-Covid are counted as Covid deaths simply because the unvaccinated must get the PCR test, and some of them end up being negative. 100% vaccinated societies don't test anybody so they don't misattribute any deaths to "Covid deaths" in this way, and that is why they seem to be "better". In fact, they are likely to overlook deaths-from-Covid of the vaccinated people because such people are rarely tested. The graph also completely ignores the deaths from the vaccines which are obviously not negligible by now.

But even if there were a residual signal after this main cause of the correlation is removed, it wouldn't imply that people have to agree with vaccination of themselves. It is still largely people from some groups that are at the risk of dying. For a person from young cohorts, like below 50 and maybe 65, the vaccination just doesn't have substantial benefits (not even for societies because most of the vaccinated still spread the virus if they are exposed to it). And more importantly, having the smallest possible number of Covid deaths in the following weeks just isn't the most important value that everything must be subordinated to. Freedom in our nation (and in the West), especially freedom that will hopefully return in 2022, at least to the extent we knew in 2019, is much more important. It is more important than 200,000 lives of people who don't care about freedom.

The article continues with tons of random demagogic stuff, especially one comparing the Covid vaccines to the previous vaccines. Because we got some MMR or similar vaccination, we also need to get a Covid vaccine. Sorry, it is not the same thing at all. The differences?
  1. Except for some tetanus, most of us were only forced to be vaccinated as kids. I suffered already as a kid, and I fainted twice. It is surely an unpleasant thing. The mandatory vaccination of adults (who have a full responsibility for their acts) is a different issue. But yes, although I am nearly certain that vaccines were the thing that drove several diseases to extinction or near-extinction (of course I am pro-vaxx in the question whether good vaccines help, they do), I think that even the mandatory vaccination of kids is a problem. Parents usually agree because the diseases are dangerous enough; and the vaccines seem safe.
  2. Covid is incomparably less dangerous than the diseases where the mandatory vaccination was adopted. Some of those disease have the case fatality rate above 10% or higher. The worst variants of Covid had a 0.4% CFR or so and now the fraction is well below flu's 0.1%. Covid is surely comparable to flu and flu vaccination is not mandatory for many reasons (even though flu vaccines are much safer).
  3. The Covid vaccines are by far more dangerous and lethal than others. In fact, the number of reports of unwanted side effects (through VAERS and counterparts) has already trumped all the non-Covid vaccines from several recent decades combined.
  4. Covid vaccines are very new and we just cannot be sure about the very serious long-term effects.
  5. Most Covid vaccines use technologies related to a special role played by genetics that haven't been used for mass vaccination campaigns.
  6. And maybe I should have started with it. Covid vaccines have deep political consequences, as we are seeing every day. To be vaccinated means to collaborate with this absolutely insane new fascism, with the crackpots' screams that they have the only allowed truth etc. To become another vaccinated person makes the calls for a new totalitarianism stronger. If you get needlessly vaccinated, you are a part of this problem! I actually think that most people who refuse vaccination do so for these political or moral reasons: they just don't want to become collaborators with this new kind of totalitarianism.
The situations just aren't the same. Just because someone calls these ineffective things "vaccines" and claims that everything is the same as with mumps, measles, rubella, smallpox etc., doesn't make it so. People react so differently because the case of the Covid vaccines is obviously not the same at all. And "scientists" promoting the Covid fascist talking points are not the same thing as real scientists; the Covid "scientists" are either corrupt or incompetent people who either serve their personal financial interests or their thirst for power, or they just placed their opinions about science under their ideological passions.

This general template of argumentation, "A and B are the same and if you did A, you must also do B" (in this case, old vaccines vs Covid vaccines) is a typical left-wing totalitarian strategy and everyone who does it is close to Stalin. The point is that, like people, vaccines, ideas, and situations are not equal, despite bogus leftist claims about the equality of everything and everyone. And in this case, the non-existent equality is clearly being used to strip people of another freedom because the case is said to be analogous to something in the past. This process is clearly engineered to continue and eliminate all freedom by the salami method. Indeed, if one adopts this kind of transformation of the conditions in the society, it basically means to strip the people of almost all freedoms in a very near future! You just can't accept this argumentation, ever. Things called "vaccines" aren't the same in all respects and every new vaccine that someone wants to make mandatory must go through a very difficult and contested process whose result mustn't be known in advance.
I don't plan to eat your brain or your other organs. You don't need to try to do the mirror image of those things.
As I wrote, I haven't been persuaded that the Covid fascists are determined to avoid cannibalism (they have already started many fascist policies that were unthinkable science-fiction just 2 years ago and they were called "conspiracy theories" 1 year ago) and I just can't buy such a proposition ("I don't plan to eat your brain") under an article where well over 90% of sentences were self-evident and malicious lies. Isn't it likely that this no-cannibalism statement will turn out to be a lie as well? What about the chips in the vaccines, still a conspiracy theory today but what about 2022? They would make the life of the Covid fascists so much easier! So I will try to protect myself against cannibalism, whether someone tells me that I am safe or not.

On the other hand, I don't plan to eat human organs because I find it rather disgusting, but I don't care too much whether someone believes me that I have no plans to become a cannibal. In particular, I don't plan to eat the brains of the Covid fascist sheep because (like some expensive little pieces of excrements in the Field Restauant) such a tiny piece of meat couldn't suppress my hunger now.

Even if these Covid fascists didn't plan to eat our brains and organs, they plan to do many other shocking things that are on par with the ~1940 treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany (and they have already realized many of them). In particular, it is absolutely insane when people like the author of the Covid fascist essay that I responded to, people who clearly don't have any scientific background at all, their understanding can't possibly surpass 0.1% mine or 0.01% of Beran's, and they just mindlessly buy every piece of šit from the pro-totalitarian propaganda outlets, are planning to prevent scientists from speaking. For me, the freedom of competent scientists to communicate their conclusions about scientific questions is more important than the lives of millions of dumb Covid fascists, so if the purpose of the offer were to give up these totally basic freedoms and pillars of the Western society in the name of "peace of our time", I won't ever accept such peace. If these are the real plans by the Covid fascists, we need a war.

And that's the memo.

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