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Those who lynch Kyle Rittenhouse are pure evil

I just spent some hours with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. It is just incredible what many Americans, including (or especially) Americans with lots of influence, do these days. OK, what is going on?

In August 2020, there was a lot of crime on the streets of the U.S. cities. Police forces were being attacked and their activity was suppressed. Organized crime was ruling the streets of many cities, especially the "BLM" criminal organization. That was also the case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where some anger and looting was "justified" by a (logical) death of a black criminal (sexual assault, was using knife against cops in the car). A 17-year-old dude Kyle Rittenhouse from Antioch, Illinois (an adjacent state) was just attending an event for cadets (policemen in training) in the Kenosha area. He had other emotional attachments to the place.

Before the critical day, he heard about a showroom (with cars) which was burned by some bad players, the damage was over $1 million. As a young idealist of the kind that I can completely empathize with, the young fan of "Blue [Cops'] Lives Matter" decided to become a vigilante, an independent enforcer of the law. Such an intent isn't endorsed by the law but it is endorsed by the basic morality: when the police fails to protect the law and order, it is time for vigilantes with hearts to fill the vacuum. He illegally borrowed a clone of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle from his friend Mr Black and went to the places in order to discourage the criminals from commiting further crimes.

As you can imagine, those were dangerous places. Kyle was immediately targeted by three criminals. What were their occupations? Because it was a BLM event, you could guess that they were a Burner, a Looter, and a Murderer. Well, it wouldn't be quite accurate but you would be close. The three convicted felons were a pedophile, a rapist, and a burglar. A nice company, indeed! It sounds like the WaPo, the New York Times, and the CNN. OK, they were chasing him, wanted to kill him (and had a gun as well), and Kyle had to shoot at them in self-defense. He killed two of the three bad guys and injured the third one. Detailed video documentation of these events exists – in fact, from numerous angles.

There is nothing else to explain. He almost certainly violated the law by having the rifle and Mr Black violated the law by giving the rifle to Rittenhouse (both would be pardoned by a decent president). The deaths of the 2 (white!) criminals (it has nothing to do with interracial violence!) may have been sad events for those who care about their lives but Kyle, despite his teenage status, was pushed by the events to become a hero, much like Matt Farrell who was ultimately pushed to shoot at the end of Die Hard IV which I watched last Sunday (Die Hard V, from Moscow, begins in an hour), and he not only defended an innocent life (his own) but almost certainly cooled down some criminal activity in Kenosha and beyond (although it wasn't the reason behind the shooting itself).

But the prosecutor, many pundits in the far left-wing media, and even the Sleepy Joe decided to lynch the innocent kid (who is 18 now). The prosecutor attacked Kyle for using his constitutional right to remain silent up to some moment. Having used that right must imply that Kyle is guilty, the prosecutor incredibly argued (but the far left propaganda is full of isomorphic "arguments" even though they are absolutely unacceptable legally as well as logically because there are tons of totally legitimate reasons to use these rights of yours). It is very clear that the prosecutor is just another 100% biased far left activist who has no respect for justice, the truth, or the U.S. Constitution, and who is totally used to abuse everything, to bully and brainwash everybody, and to cheat at every single place where his stinky aß dares to oxidize (human trash like any real leftist). They will always use literally everything against you and against your country or the West, including (and especially) your enjoying your basic civil rights. Thankfully, the judge noticed these things and assertively warned the prosecutor that he may have crossed a red line, or is close to doing so. The judge, a man who takes his important occupation seriously, was appointed by a Democrat. But he already became a target of the lynching as well. What may have energized the aggressive leftists was a ringtone that was accidentally heard in the courtroom.

God Bless the USA (1984) was often heard at the Trump rallies both in 2016 and 2020 so you may understand that the Trump haters were driven up the wall. At any rate, the broader point is that tons of the "journalists", Joe Biden, and many others have pre-decided whether Kyle is guilty of manslaughter etc. While the correct answer is clearly No, their answer is Yes simply because they want all criminals who are on their side to be permanently innocent (they really want the far left-aligned criminals' destruction of people's lives and assets, and of the Western civilization, to be praised); and all law-abiding people who are on the other, "MAGA" side to be guilty and lynched all the time. This is a simple summary but Occam's razor indicates that you should take this simple hypothesis about "how the leftist scum works" seriously before it is actually ruled out by some data. I see absolutely no counterarguments or counterexamples (Ana Kasparian from the Young Turks has been upgraded to a non-leftist for these purposes because she admitted that she had previously been deceived by other, real, leftist liars about what happened). All of them are absolutely unjust, they lie 24/7, they rig every election and they abuse any media-like influence for absolutely disgusting propaganda and personal attacks.

They are on their mission to bring an innocent teenager to prison for his lifetime – to destroy his life in its entirety. I personally understand self defense a bit more inclusively (inclusion is a great thing) and I think that as a matter of self defense, he has the full moral right to take the rifle and do the same that he did with the 2-3 criminals, but do it to the nasty, cruel, blood-thirsty "journalists" in the left-wing media (plus the dementia sufferer) who are preparing to rig the trial and to destroy his life.

As I said, this leftist scum not only wants to destroy individual innocent lives, like Kyle's. They also want to destroy America and everything in it. So incredibly enough, the Democratic governor of Wisconsin has activated the National Guard for the day of the verdict about Kyle because he expects riots if Kyle is freed! Wow. This isn't really mere expectation. He is encouraging the bad guys to do bad things. Kyle's acquittal is a matter of common sense now and there exists absolutely no justification for someone to use this event as an excuse for burning, looting, or murders. He is both inviting the criminals to the streets of Wisconsin; and creating pressure on the judge so that it will be argued that the criminal activity is the judge's fault. Sorry, it will be the fault of the criminals themselves and their masterminds such as the rogue Wisconsin governor and the terrorist media organizations.

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