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Pairs of quantum observers generically agree to disagree

Pierfrancesco La Mura – whom I have known rather well in person for 2 decades (or at least 2 decades ago) in New Jersey and California – showed us their new paper in Nature,

Observers of quantum systems cannot agree to disagree
A very long text with 9 theorems purports to prove the very assertion in the title. The phrase agree to disagree means that two people sometimes rationally conclude that their statements about a situation are distinguishably different but they cannot sharply prove that the other person's position is wrong, so they tolerate the other person's position.

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Creatures behind Malone's Twitter ban deserve the most stringent punishment

In the morning, I was totally shocked (and I am still immensely angry, four hours later) when I learned that Twitter banned the main co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology that runs the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, aside from others, Robert Malone MD. An account with more than 500,000 followers disappeared in a split second.

I just can't fathom how the aßholes behind such bans psychologically operate. They must know very well that relatively to Dr Malone, they are just worthless stinky piles of šit who know absolutely nothing about vaccines. But the immense fanatical group think in their corrupt environment somewhat manages to persuade them that they have the right to dictate who is "right" about the vaccination campaign and rob this important scientist from the right to speak on the very subject he founded. They must believe that it's just fine what they are doing and they will not be held responsible and executed. I beg to differ.

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Not only technical education is a nuisance for German green ideology

By Milan Smutný

Starting from the position of a "hungry" opposition, politicians from Germany's ruling Green coalition party have not only occupied key ministries, but also other influential positions in the civil service. A fundamental lack of education and the relevant competences do not prevent them from doing so.

As I wrote in my previous blog (CZ), the Green Party has gained a very strong position in the new German government coalition, even in view of the weaker election result. The two co-chairs – for the Greens, both genders must be represented in the party leadership (so far only two) – have become elite members of the Berlin cabinet of Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz, which includes the liberal FDP alongside the Greens. The 50-year-old Mr Robert Habeck became the vice-chancellor and the minister of the economy and the protection of the climate on December 8th, the 41-year-old Ms Annalena Baerbock was appointed the minister of foreign affairs.

Meanwhile, the German conservative media have taken a somewhat closer look at what this major power shift in Berlin has brought in terms of personnel in the ministries and offices that the Greens have just filled after years of "starvation" in opposition, and what competence they have to do so.

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Insane costs and tiny benefits of Fit For 55, European Green Deal

Last month, a great majority of my nation already buried the president, Miloš Zeman, who spent a week at the ICU. Most people thought he had the terminal cirrhosis. I trusted my president who previously said that "the alcoholic isn't a man who drinks a lot of alcohol but the man who doesn't know how to drink". Why wouldn't he know how to drink? He is both smart and an experienced drinker! So far, I am happy to brag, I was right and my president gave his standard Christmas Address (full transcript).

He supported the idea of mandatory vaccination – I feel sufficiently confident that this is absolutely impossible in Czechia now, after the Fall 2021 wave faded away and almost everyone sees it clearly that the reasons for Covid worries are over. He blamed NATO for the deteriorating global security, I agree with that; correctly warned against mass migration; proposed to abolish the tax loopholes in order to reduce the budget deficit; and, most importantly, he urged the Czechs to leave the European Green Destiny. Former PM Babiš "reminded" Zeman that we can't leave the Green Destiny because it would be too costly, something like CZK 1 trillion (USD 45 billion).

Except for the totally wrong support for the vaccination, applause for Zeman.

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Evil carps and CO2: a French-owned big Czech bank commits marketing suicide

The French bank Société Générale owns a majority of a top 3 Czech bank by size, KB (Komerční banka which translates as The Commerce Bank); I am a minor shareholder but not a trivially minor one. ;-) Yesterday's "merger of the decade" (Moneta Money Bank plus Air Bank plus HomeCredit CZ+SK) will create a new top 3 bank instead, thankfully; I am a larger shareholder in that one LOL.

The banking folks should work hard on preserving the money in this explosive time of inflation etc. Instead, they prepared a bunch of Christmas video clips with immature, brainwashed influencers who try to tell lots of Czechs to replace light bulbs with LED lamps on your Christmas tree, use some special kinds of paper and ropes for the gifts, and similar nonsense inspired by climate gr@tinism.

The most shocking among these clips is this one which attacks the most characteristic Czech Christmas meal, the carp. Some 500 years ago, the Czech nobility created ponds across my homeland because they realized that carp is the fanciest tasting fish that may live in the landlocked central European waters, easily beating the freshwater salmons in the rivers which the nobility found dull. About 1/2 of the carp taken from the Czech ponds is exported; the half that remains in the country is mostly consumed during Christmas! For millions of Czechs, a carp is a once-per-year meal (evening of December 24th).

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Locking omicron-positive people is peak stupidity

Instead, we need to reserve padded cells for everyone who disagrees with the simple statement in the title

In late November, the far left media started the new wave of the Covid mass psychosis, the Omicron Hysteria. Omicron, first identified in Botswana (4 vaccinated patients) and then in South Africa, was said to be the "most mutated" relative of the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, which, as the crackpot-inkspillers concluded, must be "very bad". This "degree of mutation" doesn't mean anything bad at all (after all, all life forms on Earth are distant relatives of each other). If something, a massive amount of mutation probably means that omicron is even more contagious (because the transmissability is changing with each mutation and the more transmissible variants are favored in the Darwinian contest), and even less harmful, than delta (less harmful because it is better for the propagation of the virus to allow the host to walk and run and spread the virus) – which was already more contagious and much less deadly than the original Fauci's Wuhan virus.

If EC smears nuclei as non-green, Czechia may leave the Paris Agreement

I surely expected the Czech government's policies to get more incorrect and more suicidal after the five-headed monster took the power (OK, what is a neutral or beautiful creature with five heads, expresident Klaus had to ask yesterday? A five-headed Thor).

But Nature's quantum generator has prepared a nice surprise for us, many of the new trends actually sound much better than in the last months of Babiš' government. To say the least, as an EU's Czech female green inkspiller did, the Czech climate stances remain in a rut. Thank God.

Dukovany nuclear power plant. You may see it is light grey and green. The upper part is blue but it is called the sky and it doesn't belong to the power plant. The color of the radiation is an X-ray color plus some neutron beam color but that is confined in the reactor.

Yesterday I discussed the new prime minister Fiala's rather unambiguous opposition to the planned ban of the ICE cars. He also supported nuclear energy. The rift between the nice and educated people on one side; and the unhinged anti-nuclear Luddites in the European Union has been restarted.

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Volume of cones and pyramids: the continuous approach is smarter

Some recent comments at Scott Aaronson's blog post about the open letter against woke mathematics was dedicated to the war on calculus, algebra, and geometry while taking the "volume of cones and pyramids" (the formula involving one-third) as the main battlefield.

Just to be sure, the war has two basic levels. The more existential level is a "political argument": universities (now including mathematics and other STEM departments) have been invaded by far left human trash that places lies about the "complete equality between any pair of people" above everything and that is willing to sacrifice anything. There is nothing much to discuss here, the creatures promoting this new movement are self-evident cancer that needs to be eradicated.

Let's assume that we will win this war and mathematics survives in the civilization and in the schools, too. The second, slightly less trivial, level of the argument is the argument about the relative role of different disciplines of mathematics. Too many people are on side in the trivial political war – they agree that mathematics must and will beat wokism – but they offer lots of stupid things in favor of some "discrete or data science" as a more important discipline than the traditional disciplines of mathematics including "algebra, calculus, and geometry". Sadly, Larry Summers turned out to be an example of these semi-flawed people.

Two little thumbs up for the new Czech government

One for Covidism and one for the electric vehicles...

Slovak-born billionaire Andrej Babiš has been a top Czech government official for 8 years. In the first 4 years he operated as the very powerful finance minister (a dude who usually overshadowed the submissive social democratic PM Bohuslav Sobotka), in the last four ones as the prime minister. He left and was replaced with the coalition of 5 pro-European parties led by Prof Petr Fiala, a very boring political scientist who nevertheless seems to have some kind of intelligence, polished Czech rhetorical skills, and some professional diplomacy or restraint in his blood which some people admire a lot (I don't).

To win their majority in the Parliament, Fiala and the 5 parties have built on some cheap anti-Babiš sentiments (note that Babiš got to power 4/8 years ago through some populist "anti-corruption" claims against the likes of Mr Kalousek who may still be considered a close ally of Fiala's but the old arguments have faded away almost completely: the time has shown that this anti-corruption hysteria was tendentious BS, much like most hysterias) and this coalition is indeed considered the most uncritically pro-EU coalition in the modern Czech history (since the January 1993 dissolution of Czechoslovakia). The transition of power was as peaceful as you can get.

Days ago, President Zeman, widely expected to be a foe of the new coalition who would prevent the appointment of a new government for a long time, quickly appointed all the ministers including Bc Lipavský. Lipavský is a fat, incompetent student, a (far left) Pirate Party member, and a self-evident loser ("a weak head in the herd", as Zeman aptly called him today) with nearly failing grades who was appointed the minister of foreign affairs, probably because his ultra-stupid pro-German attitude was found convenient by someone in Germany (he wanted a conference of the Sudetendeutschenlandsmannschaft on the Czech territory from which the Nazi predecessors of these folks were expelled in 1945) and Germany exerted pressure on Fiala or others; or by someone in the U.S. because Lipavský is a staunch Sinophobe and Russophobe.

OK, Zeman has disappointed many of us, his voters, by his fast surrender to Lipavský (and indirectly to Fiala). Today we learned that Lipavský will respect the Government Program Statement including the friendship to Visegrád and Israel and the non-organization of the post-Nazi meeting in Czechia. I have my doubts whether the promise can be trusted. But I am not really mad at Zeman; I don't see what could be a final good outcome if Zeman continued in some obstructions. After all, Lipavský is not only a liability for Czechia but also for Fiala so it isn't necessarily Zeman's main task to fight such a Lipavský problem. Also, Zeman's speedy surrender seems like a natural consequence of Babiš' speedy surrender. Zeman was ready to appoint PM Babiš as the old-new PM twice but Babiš simply seemed certain that he would play a game that can't be won because well over 50% of the lawmakers seemed to be determined to refuse any offer from Babiš.

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Lex Fridman: an interview with Vafa

If you are interested, here is a four-month-old, two-hours long interview with Cumrun Vafa, hosted by Lex Fridman.

It differs from most of the seemingly analogous interviews by Cumrun's being an actual top physicist instead of just a šitty anti-science activist.

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Slovak Coronazis arrest the leader of the opposition

But the "journalists" and anti-freedom activists only scream when such things occur in Belarus etc.

In October, I wrote about the Slovak Watergate. Robert Fico, the former social democratic prime minister and the main leader of the Slovak opposition now, was spied upon, using ludicrous excuses involving an alleged poacher. An hour ago, the hardcore anti-democratic government of Slovakia used an even more powerful and illegitimate tool.

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UK system is whitewashing another murder of a Czech national

In 1940, Czechoslovak and Polish pilots were providing the U.K. with vital help needed to prevail in the Battle of Britain. Many of these very skillful young men sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Britain.

By 2016, the U.K. was considered a soulmate, as the first EU member that actually left the non-democratic organization that is crippling Europe as we have known it for over 1,000 years. Milions of Czechs (members of the most Euroskeptical nation in the EU) thought that "je suis Britons". There were other moments of sympathy... Which was never mutual, as we should have learned once and for all in 1938 when the U.K. elites parroted shameless Nazi lies about the life of Germans in Czechoslovakia and scandalously betrayed us – and pushed France to betray us, too. Thanks to mental cripples like Mr Chamberlain, the civilized world had to struggle with the German threat up to 1945.

The actual relationships between my nation and the U.K. are rather catastrophic now and it is 100% British fault. I just can't fudging understand how I could ever think positively about the bulk of the Britons. Aside from the nasty behavior of the thugs among the U.K. soccer players and the British media's defense for their violently criminal behavior, constant lies, and whining about the non-existent racism of Czechs, we have had some murders.

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Woke racism is a religion

While I was searching for responses to the new and crazy Californian Curriculum Mathematics Framework (CMF), I also found an interesting 6-day-old, 39-minutes-long conversation (the video is embedded below) between a rational black New York Times (!) contributor and Columbia University (!) linguist John McWhorter (yes, you can find wise people in the intersection of these two insane far left dens but these exceptions simply cannot be white) and a far left stuttering, white, insufferably anxious and incoherent, pseudointellectual writing for Current Affairs, whatever it is, named Nathan Robinson.

The latter was so physically unpleasant to listen to that he could become a professional critic of string theory right away.

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Havel as the ideologue of

Willie sent me these thoughts

The Power of the Powerless
that Andrew Torba, the CEO of (an independent alternative of Twitter's) wrote two weeks ago when he read Czech dissident and expresident Václav Havel's long 1978 essay (CZ: Moc bezmocných). Havel described the state of the post-1968-occupation Czechoslovak society that was based on lies and obedience. Almost all the citizens publicly expressed opinions that none of them actually believed; Havel's chosen example is a clerk in a shop with vegetables who repeatedly places the banner "Workers of All Countries, Unite" in the shopwindow.

The regime promoted the most farcical elections as the most democratic ones, the suppression of freedom and culture as their thriving, and many similar things. Regular people officially had to say the same and that was also the case of the people who wanted important jobs within the system (they had to lose their courage, integrity, idiosyncrasies, and independence), otherwise they were eliminated.

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An open letter on the U.S. math education

Nirman reminded me that I wanted to mention this

open letter on K-12 mathematics.
It is a petition signed by 911 STEM (math-loaded fields) professors in the U.S. so far; Ferdinand Porsche couldn't sign because he is not in the U.S. and he is not a STEM professor. See an article in the Wall Street Journal, Fox News (press alt/d enter on the target page to rewrite the strange firewall), Wash. Examiner, The Daily Mail (long discussion thread), Newsweek, NY Post, RT, The Epoch Times, Breitbart about a California-only similar open letter with 1200+ signatures, one at Datanami, and on Aaronson's blog.

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Mātauranga Māori is mythology, not science

It seems clear to me that the English-speaking countries are the most explosive sources of woke insanities in the West. That includes the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The likes of Ireland and Malta also speak English but they're already calmer, I think. Don't get me wrong. The likes of Germany also produce kilotons of pathological things but they do so in a calmer, Bismarckian way. It is only the Anglo-Saxon world where the craze has a truly authentic and passionate grassroot support.

The five countries compete to become the "ultimate leader in craziness" and in many respects, Australia and New Zealand are ahead. It seems reasonable to say that they are ahead in the Covid hysteria, despite (and perhaps because of?) the fact that Covid has been almost non-existent over there, and this has some (limited) chance of persisting, partially due to the warm weather in AUS and NZ and their isolation from the rest of the world.

The Maori counterpart of the ATLAS experiment.

Fine, the increasingly unhinged anti-white racism (often suicidal racism because it is often powered mostly by people who are biologically white) is a major part of wokeism. It has different, country-dependent "privileged races" that should be elevated above the evil whites. In the U.S., it is primarily the blacks although the Mexicans also deserve $450,000 per person for free. ;-) In the U.K., it is the Pakistani and perhaps the blacks. In AUS and NZ, they primarily have the indigenous people.

Jury: Kleiman didn't co-invent the Bitcoin with Wright

He only needs to pay $0.1 bn, not $25 bn

I believe it is more likely than not that Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the Bitcoin inventor, was a nickname used by Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist with many degrees and the right kind of focus before 2008. If the assumptions about the early Bitcoin are right, Nakamoto also holds BTC 1.1 million ($56 billion by current price; it was 20% lower for some time days ago) of the coins from the early mining along with the same number of the forks, BSV, BCH, and others.

Ira Kleiman is an estranged step brother of Dave Kleiman, a late ex-friend of Wright's and a computer scientist. Kleiman was a remote e-soulmate of Wright's who also encouraged Wright to massively focus on the crypto-related stuff which also led to the divorce with Lynn Wright, his first wife, and the relationship between Dave Kleiman and Craig Wright soured at some moment, too. Wright's current wife Ramona Watts/Ang seems to be really shielded from the crypto. Dave Kleiman was paralyzed and died in a sea of alcohol and body fluids in 2013. His brother Ira hadn't talked to Dave for years before Dave's death but he wanted some billions now.

So Ira Kleiman has sued Wright to get 1/2 of the Satoshi coins, some BTC 0.55 million, because they mined it together. The expenses for lawyers were substantial and I think that Kleiman had to believe that Wright was actually capable of producing a similar massive amount of money, otherwise the whole Kleiman lawsuit would have been rather suicidal.

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Let's introduce blue covid booklets

And let's stop the threat of a compulsory vaccination experiment
By Václav Klaus, Czech expresident

(Blue booklets were Czechoslovak documents granting an exemption from military service for health-related reasons.)
I know I'm going to make a lot of people angry with the word experiment, but today's fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus with inadequately tested vaccines is an experiment. This is, even by so-called experts, an undeniable fact. As a knee-jerk reaction to the evolution of the epidemic of covid, these vaccines were approved for use on a preliminary and "experimental" basis. That was the official statement last year.

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Predictive power of the world sheet conformal symmetry

Physics is a natural science but it is one that is really capable of explaining a lot (and very precisely) by assuming a very little, by assuming some important principles that actually imply powerful predictions that are often verified to be correct. The precise laws of physics are often derivable from some propositions that are almost comprehensible to linguists. The search for the deepest such principles has been vaguely underway since the conception of physics (in the strict sense) by Galileo, Newton, and pals but it was elevated to a new, industrial level when Einstein and pals switched physics to the era of modern physics.

A natural metaphysical hypothesis is that a single deep principle is sufficient to derive all correct predictions in physics, and therefore in natural sciences. There is no guarantee that such an assumption about a "theory of everything" and its underlying principle is a correct expectation. To say the least, it motivates some people. Other people (and sometimes the same ones) are satisfied with making some progress which, in the case of fundamental physics, always includes some deepening and refining of the primary assumptions, and some extending of their domain of validity towards more universal explanations than what the previous theories and principles could cover.

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Contemporary West's far left "religions" are as dumb and devastating as radical Islam

As recently as 5-10 years ago, I took it for granted that the fuzzy region referred to as the West had an advantage in comparison with the Muslim World that was way more important than the immediate wealth: the ability to think impartially, fairly, rationally, and calmly – a broader pattern of behavior that produces things like science, mathematics, and rigorous trials in the courtrooms as special branches. The Westerners looked so different from the Palestinians or black Africans or Indonesians... when it came to such things. And the rational, balanced judgement is ultimately the primary cause that gives rise to the potential to create wealth and happiness; it is more fundamental than the wealth and happiness themselves.

In recent years and especially months, I realized that it was necessary to revise this judgement. The West's mental superiority could have looked like a fact for decades or centuries but in the truly long-term perspective, it was probably just a mirage. The brainwashed leftists that are all around us seem to act and (fail to) think in a nearly isomorphic way to the most hardcore fundamentalist Islamists. Their relationships to the "authorities" like the far left TV stations are on par with the mindless Islamists' relationship to the mullahs. And the percentage of the lies and stupidities is about the same, too.

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A looming Belarus-enhanced Russia-Ukraine war?

The West should offer a generous deal to Russia to avoid some really hot trouble

Some decades ago, it was normal for most people to praise peace and declare their fear of a war. These days, almost nobody in the West seems to defend peace or display the fear of a world war. Instead, everyone is supposed to be terrified by a cold virus (which is largely true in Russia, too).

However, while not certain, the probability of a major war in Eastern Europe that would include Russia is highest in decades. You may read articles about the war, Ukraine, Belarus through Google News or YouTube.

Interest rates, rising inflation and economic imbalances

By Václav Klaus, Czech ex-president

Many things are not discussed enough in our relatively small economic community, and even fewer are discussed to the point where there is even a rudimentary consensus on them. Before we make strong statements about the possible effect of our central bank's recent intervention in interest rates, we should seek to answer the question "what is causing our current inflation?". But this is impossible without each discussant subscribing to one of the well-known hypotheses for the causes of inflation and to one of the competing macroeconomic theories. Unfortunately, this is not happening.

One group of our economists concentrates on the easily visible particulars, on examples of the rise in specific prices (energy, housing, some foodstuffs) and on the various supply-side bottlenecks (caused by virus-related restrictions), while the other, along with Milton Friedman, is convinced that inflation is always a monetary, i.e. money-related, phenomenon, and that it is there – in the evolution of the money supply – that its cause must be sought. This was nicely described in a recent article by my good friend, the well-known Canadian economist Herbert Grubel (What's Causing Inflation? Bottlenecks or Too Much Money?, Financial Post, November 10, 2021).

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Germany's sharp left turn

By Ivo Strejček

The move to the left is a long-standing trend in German politics. Chancellor Merkel is leaving and her sixteen years as chancellor are sad examples of this movement. The leader of the still nominally conservative CDU – but realistically a more moderate version of Germany's green social democracy – has helped drag Germany into serious long-term problems. By abandoning nuclear power, Merkel has played with the prosperity of more than just German industry. By opening her arms to mass migration, she has accelerated a dramatic change in the structure of the German population and that of other EU countries. By promoting von der Leyen to head the European Commission, she has moved German green extremism to the EU level. There, of course, "gr@tinisms" of all kinds had been thriving for years before – they were just waiting for a life-giving political impulse, which, of course, cannot end in anything other than a threat to living standards, poverty and hardship for normal people.

A statue of two vital opinion makers and activists in Berlin.

And yet – as the current developments in Germany show – it is never so bad that it can't get worse. This country, economically and politically decisive for the future of continental Europe, will be led in the coming years by a coalition of Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals. The future government's programme is another sharp left turn in German politics, often to extreme political positions, making it look as if it has been copied from the Greens' election slogans.

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