Monday, December 20, 2021

Locking omicron-positive people is peak stupidity

Instead, we need to reserve padded cells for everyone who disagrees with the simple statement in the title

In late November, the far left media started the new wave of the Covid mass psychosis, the Omicron Hysteria. Omicron, first identified in Botswana (4 vaccinated patients) and then in South Africa, was said to be the "most mutated" relative of the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, which, as the crackpot-inkspillers concluded, must be "very bad". This "degree of mutation" doesn't mean anything bad at all (after all, all life forms on Earth are distant relatives of each other). If something, a massive amount of mutation probably means that omicron is even more contagious (because the transmissability is changing with each mutation and the more transmissible variants are favored in the Darwinian contest), and even less harmful, than delta (less harmful because it is better for the propagation of the virus to allow the host to walk and run and spread the virus) – which was already more contagious and much less deadly than the original Fauci's Wuhan virus.

And indeed, 3.5 weeks later, it seems pretty much self-evident that omicron is not a disease anyone should worry about. It is irrelevant whether vaccines X or Y protect you against omicron; no one needs a protection against omicron. Two weeks ago, the WHO announced that omicron had killed nobody. By now, there can be several inconclusive deaths. That's a tiny number in comparison with the 5.4 million deaths (sloppily) linked to Covid.

Why don't you look to the cradles? Botswana has 2.35 million people. Their highest (7-day-averaged) number of Covid deaths per day occurred in August 2021 and it was 39. Now the number is below 1 Covid death per day. Just click at the hyperlink and find the death graph. If this possible original source of omicron is a role model, it is great to get omicron. Omicron looks like a safer Covid-19 vaccine than all the existing vaccines. Great, some omicron people sweat at night; that is safer than e.g. myocarditis, you know.

In South Africa, with its 59 million people, the incorrectly quoted "cradle" of omicron, they had the record 38k cases on December 12th, beating the previous July 2021 record around 27k. What about the (7-day-averaged) deaths? Those peaked at roughly 300, 600, 400 during the waves around August 2020, January 2021, and July 2021. The latest number is just 30 Covid deaths per day, more than an order of magnitude lower. Four weeks ago, the "catastrophe" is already growing in South Africa and now, a month later, we see that instead of a catastrophe, they clearly got a recovery.

Similar evidence is seen literally everywhere (omicron almost certainly exists in all non-isolated countries now, has been proven in 100 of them, but will need a month or two to become the prevailing variant), I have seen a lot of it but I think it is a waste of time to reproduce it here. Omicron just isn't a dangerous disease at all. Even among cold viruses, and it must surely be considered one of the cold viruses by the strict scientific definitions, it is unusually mild. But it is spreading very fast, indeed, it is basically unstoppable, and may mostly circumvent the immunity from the existing vaccines and maybe even the natural immunity from the Covid-19 recovery. It is absolutely futile to try to stop the spreading of this cold virus. You are guaranteed to lose because its \(R_0\) is at yet another higher level. If you don't fight, your nation goes through a one-month-long non-event that may effectively kill dangerous variants of Covid-19, too. If you do fight, you may replace the one-month-long non-event with a six-month-long wave of nationwide misery and mass psychosis. You just fudging shouldn't fight.

Finally, the South African government health advisers recommended the government to stop tracing the contacts of the omicron-positive people (which is basically the same thing as Covid-positive people in South Africa now, and will be almost synonymous in Europe and America within less than 2 months); and stop quarantining the people. These people are just not dangerous and there is absolutely no reason to quarantine them. They should go to work and enjoy their life!

Again, the most characteristic ritual of this ultra-stupid religion of Covidism is the testing, ideally the PCR testing. All the mental cripples who have embraced this faith in Covid-19 as the defining issue of the present have also accepted the idea that the PCR-positive and PCR-negative results are as different as life and death, as God and the Devil. In reality, the tests never meant much and with omicron, they became an absolute farce.

Omicron virions are producing positive PCR tests because those were created to react to all sufficiently close relatives of the original Wuhan virus. But these relatives are already very distant and unlike the original virus, they just don't cause serious medical problems in an overwhelming majority of the hosts. If we just refused this idiotic religious ritual, we would sanely look at the symptoms (you know, like all real doctors did up to 2019) – the people's physical well-being, the actual thing that a sane person calls "someone's health" – and we would agree that the owners of omicron are either totally healthy or almost completely healthy (or ill for other reasons). But millions of people have been brainwashed not to believe their fudging eyes. They consider a totally healthy person to be seriously ill just because he got a positive outcome of the clearly meaningless PCR test!

So many people have completely lost their minds. Every day, I am shocked when I see many people whom I used to believe to be smarter than IQ=110 but they behave like chimps with the IQ around 50-60. An example that I found stunning in recent days was a member (or ex-member) of Sisyfos, a Czech counterpart of CSICOP, a movement fighting against supernatural and extrasensorial crackpots who used to be seeking the geopathic zones in your bedroom with a dowsing. This was the great, free 1990s. I agreed with those people that these pseudoscientific rituals were completely dumb.

But during the following 30 years, these people were gradually shifting what they were fighting against. All of the people who stayed in Sisyfos were gradually being transformed to just another bunch of scientifically illiterate far left cranks, just another braindead woke mob. So of course, most of them started to promote the climate apocalypse, too. I already found them "mostly counterproductive" around 2000 and by 2010, I was already terrified by this dishonest scum that I considered "my soulmates" in the mid 1990s. But by 2021, the U-turn has been completed and they are fanatically fighting for the same type of scientifically meaningless rituals claiming to decide about your life and death, like the PCR tests for omicron, which they hysterically opposed i the 1990s. They seem completely incapable of realizing that they have become exactly what they used to fight against. These insane people flood their Facebook accounts with predictions of the omicron Armageddon and stuff like that, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People whom I knew as skeptics from Sisyfos.

Just hire a more assertive psychiatrist, psychopaths! You are seriously ill if you still believe in a catastrophe caused by the omicron variant of the Wuhan virus. If you are really afraid of it at this moment, if you can't distinguish the Armageddon from an amazingly mild type of common cold, you need a medical help. This is not an insult, it is a very serious, important conclusion of a very careful analysis that I have performed for many reasons, one of which is my desire to genuinely help you and to help the environment that also suffers because of your brutal psychiatric disorder. This is what our healthcare systems should focus on now: the profoundly pathological mental diseases that have spread like fire and that have apparently completely devoured millions of human brains.

Of course, I am intensely thinking how it is possible that I have ever thought that these people understood anything important about science. It is not a real oxymoron, I can see after a few minutes of remembering what they were actually doing in the 1990s. Of course, when I look at their past behavior carefully, I realize that these people have never really understood anything with their brains at all. They were always just parroting someone, they were doing a kind of an editor's work or comparative literature, and their strategy has been to copy or reproduce or rephrase someone whom they believe to be the owner of the scientific truth, and amplify these positions, in order to be "even more scientific" than their sources. As the mainstream outlets were being overtaken by pseudoscience and lies, and the likes of Greta, they ended up amplifying these lies, and their Facebook profiles unavoidably turned into a hardcore anti-scientific cesspool. These people probably can't do better. They are just nearly brainless parrots with amplifiers. They could have never calculated anything nontrivial, they couldn't have thought logically and rationally, they have never had anything to do with science. They have always been just incredibly stupid parrots with amplifiers added on them, animals reducing everything to some irrational references to authorities. The fact that their behavior looked sane for a few years was a coincidence and there was no reason to expect that such a positive situation would last. They understand absolutely nothing about science even though they use the word "science" about 50 times a day. In fact, the more they use the word "science", the more you can be sure that they just don't get even the most elementary postulates, methods, and findings of science.

But of course, braindead morons like that exist in most Western countries and in some of them, they have a huge political power. So e.g. the Dutch government has locked all the citizens of the Netherlands to a cage because of this extraordinarily innocent common cold virus. Mark Rutte, a Josef Fritzl times 3 million, doesn't deserve a padded cell because his condition is incurable. He needs to be treated as other patients with a terminal disease. We should have fought this far left deluded cancer with powerful weapons many years ago but it is never too late.

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