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Mātauranga Māori is mythology, not science

It seems clear to me that the English-speaking countries are the most explosive sources of woke insanities in the West. That includes the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The likes of Ireland and Malta also speak English but they're already calmer, I think. Don't get me wrong. The likes of Germany also produce kilotons of pathological things but they do so in a calmer, Bismarckian way. It is only the Anglo-Saxon world where the craze has a truly authentic and passionate grassroot support.

The five countries compete to become the "ultimate leader in craziness" and in many respects, Australia and New Zealand are ahead. It seems reasonable to say that they are ahead in the Covid hysteria, despite (and perhaps because of?) the fact that Covid has been almost non-existent over there, and this has some (limited) chance of persisting, partially due to the warm weather in AUS and NZ and their isolation from the rest of the world.

The Maori counterpart of the ATLAS experiment.

Fine, the increasingly unhinged anti-white racism (often suicidal racism because it is often powered mostly by people who are biologically white) is a major part of wokeism. It has different, country-dependent "privileged races" that should be elevated above the evil whites. In the U.S., it is primarily the blacks although the Mexicans also deserve $450,000 per person for free. ;-) In the U.K., it is the Pakistani and perhaps the blacks. In AUS and NZ, they primarily have the indigenous people.

The Maori occupied the empty New Zealand, starting in about 1300 AD. As Strom Beat has pointed out, an insane battle between science and the Maori mythology erupted in the recent year. The story is just plain incredible and suggests that these islands are really ahead of the U.K. in some respects (in the discipline of turning the populace into braindead cattle), and this statement already sounds unbelievable because the U.K. already looks more fudged up than we could imagine a few years ago.

So there are lots of official education apparatchiks who are just bringing Mātauranga Māori, the Maori mythology, to teenagers at Maori schools, and this includes white students. Those have to parrot the idea that the creation mythology – with its instant creation, gods, and Maori names for many basic words (as far as I know, nothing fundamentally different from old religions and mythologies found in other cultures) – is at least as scientific as the evil Western science.

On the side of this insanity, you find numerous university bodies and officials (the University of Auckland and many others), psychologists and other social (e.g. pseudo-) scientists, and 2,000 lunatics signed under a petition which include some people praised as scholars (although everyone who agrees with claims like that is clearly a nutcase, not a scholar). In that petition of 2,000, you find a letter by 7 reasonable people that the petition reacts to, the Magnificent Seven of the heretics, who dared to point out that this primitive religion was not science (not even the Europeans' preferred religion, Christianity, is science, you know) and even some possible injustice against the indigenous people couldn't have elevated those people's mythology to science.

The witch hunt against the heretics has many dimensions. University officials denounce the heretics who dare to say that the savages' mythology is not on par with science, they emphasize that these heretics' viewpoint is not the official university's viewpoint (all PC people at the universities apparently have to believe that the dance above really is on par with the LHC), and other crazy claims and bullying of this sort. The balance of power may be honestly represented by the ratio of "2,000 petitioners against 7 heretics" although I am confident that the heretics may still find places where they can hide and even speak to each other (so far). The islands have just overwhelmingly lost their mind.

Half a year ago, a Czech multi-culti (originally mainly Indian) dancing group led by Ms Jarmila Chromíková was internationally canceled as racist because of this dance (haka) inspired by the culture that these ladies really like. Czechs like me could have noticed that the Maori-driven wokeism was a powerful cult, indeed.

In recent days, Why Evolution Is True, a pro-Darwinist website, has published an extensive review of the story and some (not too detailed) explanations why the Maori "way of knowing" isn't science and shouldn't be taught as science. Richard Dawkins FRS who happens to be a fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand has joined these sane voices. The Spectator's Toby Young has primarily defended a professor (of biotech), Garth Cooper, who is "investigated" for heresy (I am always amazed by the word "investigation" in such contexts; there is nothing to investigate, you the members of the filthy braindead mobs just want to punish someone for being both truthful and courageous).

Many of the people who support this downgrade of science by making it equal to some savages' superstitions are honestly crazy (and/or deeply brainwashed) and they believe what they are saying. Others know that it is BS but they are fanatical leftists who just think it is their moral duty to harm the whites and everything that has been "associated" with the whites, and science belongs to this set despite its universal character (the universality of science is about the rules and the potential; but the outcomes are unequal, like all outcomes, and white+Jews have surely been vastly more important in science for at least 500 years than other races combined). And then there are undoubtedly many spineless opportunists who know that both things are probably ludicrously false or unhealthy but they want to get to a feeding trough by supporting a "trend" in the society that they predict to be victorious in the near future. I often hear similar opportunist people's support for their own behavior, it is so "rational". I am sorry, it is incredibly egotist and in many ways, it is morally worse than the similar behavior of the people who really believe these crazy things.

These islands just seem utterly lost. When I was starting this website in 2004, I wanted to write about many topics (similar to today's topics) but my main motivation was clearly to counteract the influence of some anti-string-theory demagogues on the public (demagogues who are clearly nowhere near the respectable world-class theoretical physics; left-wing activists who have never been too different from other left-wing activists). In those 17 years, the public in the Western countries deteriorated absolutely incredibly. So of course string theory's rough understanding in the public is an unachievable goal by now, over 99% bought the fanatical anti-science talking points in this respect (I would hesitate before making such unequivocal claims about the surrender 10 years ago but I no longer hesitate now).

But the putrefaction of the brains went much further and deeper and indeed, we have whole countries that don't even respect the ultra-modest and über-elementary fact that science possesses something that e.g. the Maori fables don't, aside from hundreds of similarly obvious claims about the world's "inequalities". I am really compassionate with the people who are both intelligent and moral and who have to live in New Zealand, surrounded by millions of aggressive psychopaths, their collaborators, and a huge ocean around them, but my perception is that the number of intelligent-yet-moral people isn't too high in New Zealand.

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