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A "democratic commie Marxist" girl a frontrunner to lead the Czech Pirates

The Czech Pirate Party was founded in 2009 and at the beginning, it was mostly meant to be a one-dimensional, anti-copyright party promoting Napster and helping other people to steal things on the Internet (yes, they got the name from digital pirates, not from the marine ones).

However, it gradually found experts in most other topics and it naturally obtained an ideological flavor. Whenever such a flavor was apparent, every sane person must have seen that the Pirates were a far left party. Most of the members promote all the woke, climate alarmist, and other "causes". The party belongs to the far left Green Faction in the European Parliament. Sadly, this fact largely boils down to the successful promotion of the woke and far left views by the EU-distorted schools among the Czech youth in general (the Pirates are mostly a young Czechs' party).

In the October 2021 elections, they ran in a coalition with STAN (Mayors and Independent), and this coalition got a good result. But because of the personal preference votes, Pirates themselves experienced a Waterloo: out of the 38 lawmakers obtained by the coalition, the Pirates only got 4 (although the Soros-style agencies often predicted them to be the strongest single party in the new Parliament with 200 lawmakers). Nevertheless, this hasn't prevented the party from placing whopping 3 people into the new Czech government (run by a coalition of a record number of 5 parties).

Great. For a few years, the typical extreme pro-EU advocates and similar people pretended to be surprised when I said that the Pirates were a far left party. Why far left, they would ask? Surely they are a centrist liberal party, blah blah blah., a leading news outlet, brought us truly amusing news today. Pirates will attend a conference during the weekend and choose their new chairperson and the rest of the leadership. And a... leading candidate is: Ms Jana Michailidu.

That wouldn't be shocking, it's some name... North Moravia (Northeastern Czechia, a region with a significant Polish minority) also has a significant Greek minority that got here in the wake of the 1946-1949 Greek Civil War (a part of the peoples who replaced the expelled Germans in 1945-1946). Jannis Samaras, the son of the founder and the current main shareholder and boss of Kofola Czechoslovakia, a Czech and Slovak Coke and Pepsi killer, is perhaps the most achieved guy in this minority.

The real shocking point is that she is a Karl Marx with a nose ring. This boss of the Pirate Party's Department for Psychotropic Substances brags to be a Marxist (not to be confused with a Marxist-Leninist, she emphasizes), and she wants to lead the fight for a democratic communist society based on the social consensus, and a fight against capitalism whose first key stage is the fight against the institution of intellectual property.

This tweet says that among the 4 candidates for the chairman, she got the highest number 6 of the regional nominations, the defending chairman Ivan Bartoš (on picture with her at the top) only got 3, Senator Lukáš Wagenknecht (a self-styled anti-corruption warrior) only got 2 and David Witosz got none. informed us about her September 2021 answer (posted in the tweet at the top) to a question about her relationship to communism and capitalism, a question and answer posted on the Pirates' forum. The chemistry grad student provided them with this juicy answer:
Thanks for your question. But I don't understand your formulation that about the "hints" [about my being a communist] that you accidentally encountered. I define myself in this way rather frequently and totally openly. [laughing smiley]

My inner conviction is communist, in the original, democratic sense. [She means that Marxism is democratic and Marxism-Leninism is not, see the footnote.] If you don't get this point, I recommend you to read something about Marxism*, e.g. Marxism and Bolshevism: Democracy and Dictatorship by Mr Karl Kautský [1934]. My inner conviction about the ideal arrangement of the society for everyone around can therefore be called "liberal socialist".

From my viewpoint, the social consensus must always be at the very top (or, because the consensus isn't always perfectly scalable, at least democracy must be there).

Otherwise, I can't resist to comment on the fact that you feel the urge to SUBTRACT cornerstones of the Pirate movement, only to make your question sound meaningful. The abolishment [English word used literally] of intellectual property is an inseparable part of the Pirateship and one of the main struggles [English word used literally] of the Pirate movement against capitalism.

*Unfortunately, we need to mention that Marxism != [isn't equal to] Marxism-Leninism.
Incidentally, the totally non-Czech usage of several English words at strange places strengthens my hypothesis that she is thoroughly brainwashed by the contemporary Anglo-Saxon far left propaganda. Also, I hope that I don't have to explain to you why her political views are totally dumb. In particular, the "social consensus" can only be achieved by the Stalinist-Maoist terror simply because disagreements otherwise arise naturally, and because she wants that consensus, she actually needs Marxism including the Leninism or Stalinism or Maoism and she needs to kill additional 94 million people like her comrades. Saying that you can have the first without the other proves that you are either a liar or a complete moron or both. Every person with at least moderate intelligence understands that you can't have the Marxist utopia without doing all the nasty things that we associate with communism after it was actually tried. Marxism may be sold as "XY nice things" to the absolute morons but every sensible person can immediately figure out that what you get is terror, stagnation, misery, and ultimately social collapse.

If they elect her and the party manages to get more than 3 lawmakers in the next Parliament, communism might get another chance. More seriously, expresident Václav Klaus was among those who had the clearest understanding of the fact that the Pirates are actually more more staunch commies than the Communist Party (which dropped from the Parliament in October, after a century, if we forget the 6-7 years of the Second World War). In fact, I've had some literally friendly exchanges with the chairman of the communists, Mr Vojtěch Filip (on Twitter: note that it is not the old commies who banned me there LOL), especially after he praised the self-employed people as the best people for the society (because they don't expect anything from the government or the society). It is very clear that the Pirate Party offices are the canonical places where the fanatical far left sentiment is almost omnipresent. Yes, I also agree with Prague's ex-mayor Pavel Bém who told us about a story implying that they also behave as another "generic bunch of buddies" that mainly protects its interests in a non-ideological way. But there is still a member base and it does care about an ideology, and it is a far left one.

Good luck to the comrade. I prefer her victory which will make the party more readable and unable to hide its basic identity. But this transparency is losing its value because the far leftists are increasingly openly bragging about their Marxist or Leninist or Stalinist or other criminal spiritual foundations as well as plans – which means that the joy about the transparency may end up being short-sighted, too.

P.S.: I really do predict that she will win (she says that the current chairman is exhausted). In the Pirate Forum thread where she embraces Marxism, there is also a poll about the satisfaction with her work in her current Pirate position (I suppose it means "the party's boss for the drug issues"), and 57% are satisfied plus 14% lean to Yes. She might very even easily get 70% of the votes.

P.S. 2: Some communication among the Pirates is juicy. Miki "Mánička" (female haircut) Ferjenčík, a member of the current Pirate establishment, had some doubts about Comrade Janka above. His critique wasn't embraced by the Pirate MEP Ms "Markétka" Gregorová who wrote:
A different answer: Go to the aßhole [=fudge off], you have harmed the party more than Janka will ever be able to - and, as opposed to her who is working day and night as a volunteer to make sure that our stuff won't decay thanks to the likes of you, you are only trying to grab paid positions.
Ouch. ;-) Needless to say, as an MEP, this female "critic of the paid position grabbers" is getting something like 8 times the average Czech salary. I am pretty sure that she is receiving more money for doing less than the guy he criticizes but he can't safely respond because it would be both a "mansplanation" and an "opposition to EU authorities", both of which are heresies in this Stalinist bunch.

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