Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Webcasts: CERN director and a jolly Weinberg funeral

I had tons of things to write about but didn't find any motivation. So just two links to events in the near future.

As von Stock told me, CERN's director Ms Fabiola Gianotti expects a very exciting year ahead, especially because LHC Run 3 gets under way. Tomorrow (January 13th) at 3 pm Swiss time (9 am Boston Time), there will be
Directorate Online Meeting (CERN).
Update: there is no public webcast here! Sorry, von Stuck just sends me garbage all the time and he has a crush on Gianotti, too.
CERN has to operate in the Covid Hysteria Level 4, whatever it exactly means (it doesn't mean a full curfew, she tries to calm us down), and the director seems to realize that Omicron is both more transmissible and far less deadly. Indeed, Washington University research concluded that the case fatality rate of Omicron is a whopping 100 times lower than that of Delta. Of course, I told you it was insane to be anxious about Omicron in Minute 1 of the Omicron hysteria; the hard data proving the near-zero fatality rate already existed at that time and the memes claiming to beat the data could have seen to be atrocious pseudoscience.

I don't actually see the LHC schedule for 2022 anywhere now, if you have it, please show it to us. At any rate, the LHC was already running since Spring 2021 in a dumb way, Run 3 should start in 2022 and it should continue through 2024. Only afterwards, the collider should be stopped and upgraded to the High Luminosity LHC.

The second event is the Weinbergfest and Bill Zajc invites us there. It also starts at 3 pm Swiss-Prague Time (9 am Boston Time) but it is next Wednesday, January 19th:
Steven Weinberg and his legacy
You may attend via Zoom or, if you shoot through thousands of duce's cops who will demand a proper vaccination status and other documents, in-person in Italy's Galileo Galilei Institute, Arcetri, Florence. Speakers include Barbieri, Georgi, Witten, and Arkani-Hamed; Galileo couldn't attend because he wasn't vaccinated against Covid-19.

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