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Witch hunt on Djoković: when Coronazism and anti-Slavic racism team up

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Novak Đoković (I won't use the Yugoslav Đ, it is too difficult to type, it is just Dž for me, anyway) is usually considered the greatest tennis player ever. Such a judgement is unavoidably subjective to some extent and it is composed of some partial data that are mostly subjective and some data that are objective.

His colleague, the president of Czechia's oldest tennis club, Prof Václav Klaus recently called Djoković's game style intelligent. He remains himself. As this page reminds us, Djoković isn't surpassed by anyone in most objective quantities. He leads by the prize money, by the number of weeks at the top of the ATP, and is tied with Sampras in the number of year ends where they were at the top of the ATP (Sampras is unlikely to take the lead now). He is the only one with four Grand Slams in a row, leads by the number of Australian Open victories, and is tied in the number of Grand Slam victories with Nadal and Federer (much more likely than them to take the lead), tied with Nadal in the number of Masters 1000 titles, and so on.

OK, he's been one of us who correctly understood that it is counterproductive for an apparently (mostly) healthy young enough person to get vaccinated against Covid-19 by one of the major vaccines. People below 40 have been far more damaged by the vaccines than by Covid-19. This fact becomes obvious if you focus on the men who collapsed on the pitch in the recent year but there exist many other ways to justify the general statement quantitatively (in these Czech graphs, you may see that there were no excess deaths during the Covid waves for the Czech people in 0-14 and 15-39 cohorts; but there exist hints that the vaccination campaign actually is causing a significant uptick of deaths of the young people). When the vaccination drive started to be turned to the people below 50, it jumped the shark and when it was getting extended to children, the proponents of such mass vaccination became war criminals.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 epoch, when the vaccines were already developed, it could have been a great idea to vaccinate lots of people right away, perhaps all people below 60, and save (two?) millions of lives across the world. But the critical age above which the vaccine is a net plus has been growing because "most of the Covid misery" has already become a part of the history that can't be changed (and because, as almost no one seems to care, the existing vaccines are actually not optimized to the most threatening variants, especially Delta now, although the optimization could be easily done). Because most nations have entered the Omicron-dominated era with a variant that is almost not deadly at all, it might be true that not even the average 80-year-old Westerners benefit from the jab now.

Half a year ago, I was already sure that because of the existence of Australian Open, Djoković's principled position would lead to quite some tension, and I was eager to see what happens. And indeed, my prediction was accurate. Djoković got his visa because someone found his claim about a "mid December recovery" trustworthy and sufficient. Some government official canceled the visa. He appealed and the court restored the visa. An immigration apparatchik named Hawke canceled the visa again hours ago, by using his personal power and a nuclear explanation (on "health and good order grounds", as if Djoković were a sexual exhibitionist or something). Djoković was so far able to avoid the re-detention and will appeal once again (I heard it on radio at this very moment) but I think that they are determined to prevent him from playing at any cost.

Most of the 25 million people living on the smallest continent have been brainwashed about Covid-19 to the extent that seems unthinkable in Europe (even though it is very bad here, too). In Europe, the utterly useless restrictions have led to multi-trillion losses and they have affected even some of the most vital industries and some of the most powerful people. Clearly, in some cases, important events and VIPs had to get exemptions from the draconian measures. Equally logically, this VIP treatment has been irritating for the masses. And politicians became eager to impress the masses by punishing the VIPs for being VIPs. It's a particularly explosive approach in Djoković's case because, it just turned out, he possesses a diplomatic passport.

About six tennis players have been effectively deported from Australia. Djoković is both the most famous one as well as the best victim of these witch hunts. His attitude to the vaccination mania has been unambiguous which is why he is considered a full-blown heretic by the fundamentalists in the new Pfizer religion. On top of that, he is both Serbian – and satisfied with his homeland and with his residence in Monaco. As Klaus noted days ago, virtually all other players of a similar caliber tend to move somewhere to the U.S. He doesn't need it (he still owns real estate in the U.S.). It's not needed for his good game. The people's desire to live in the U.S. is mostly a kind of a virtue signalling, a snobbish gesture among a very widespread class of "normies". Djoković is visibly not one of them.

Djoković decided to play while using the Covid recovery in mid December 2020 as an excuse. We can't know for sure whether he was really Covid-positive; we can't know whether he participated in an interview while knowing about the positive result; and I think that all these things should be irrelevant and what Covid-positive people do in Serbia is a Serbian internal affair (the threat that he would have posed to others, especially the children-athletes, was negligible). If Australian regulations depend on obtaining the information about such things from Serbia, they are bad laws because they depend on the information that naturally cannot be reliable and because they encourage people to falsify the data. It is possible that he said something untrue. After all, assuming that he just won't acept the vaccine, what was at stake was AUD $4.4 million for the winner. It is wrong to lie but if they declare their intent to rob you of this amount, I think it is fair to say that he was forced to lie in that case, and he has my sympathies despite the hypothetical lie. I think that Mr Hawke is personally responsible for having crippled the tournament and he personally owes AUD $4.4 million to Djoković, a prize that he fraudulently diverted to one of his fellow losers. Tennis has become a slave to dirty politics at the tournaments. They could cancel the game and distribute the prizes according to the number of jabs. Not even Adolf Hitler dared to politically intervene into the 1936 Olympics (let alone filter the athletes) – and he wasn't the greatest fan of blacks, among others. Leon Štukejl got the single Yugoslav (silver) medal, in gymnastics.

Australia, like other English-speaking countries, is proud about its anti-racism drive. By anti-racism, they mean nothing else than unhinged, hateful anti-white racism. Despite all the comments about their non-racism, anti-white and especiall anti-Slavic racism is alive and kicking in Australia (and other English-speaking countries). It's particularly ironic because Slavs are a subgroup of the whites who have never really owned slaves or done similar things. In particular, the number of truly disgusting attacks on all the Serbs written by the apologists for the Australian government has been rather amazing. A few lines away from many of these visceral, prejudiced Goebbels-style attacks on Serbia, you can usually read comments about the wonderful anti-racist credentials of Australians who treat everyone the same (we should learn from them, we are told!).

Of course, I can imagine where the lack of respect for Serbia and other countries may come from. I think that the creator of this funny "Eastern Europe Style" parody of the Gangnam Style is Serbian. But the funny detail is that even with these signs of poverty and corresponding behavior, the people in this parody may be seen to be more civilized than most blacks – but they can be safely attacked while the blacks can't.

With its treatment of all the players who have a spine and who haven't mindlessly bought the pro-vaccine crackkpottery, Australia has shown to be incapable of hosting international sport events (and probably many other events) and The Australia Open has turned into The Australia Closed (or The Australian Water Closet because the country has been closed for some time). The prison island has the sovereignty to do such things but the rest of the world's nations also have the right to respond to this development and the right response is to treat Australia like an unreliable, rogue territory filled with millions of brainwashed, hostile, fanatical jihadists. Let us hope that China (in some sense the owner of Australia) will turn out to be far more civilized (and will have fewer rats in the hotels) than Australia during the Olympic games.

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